Obi Wan was rescued on 12th February 2017
Obi Wan, male grey seal pup, was rescued from in front of the Sanctuary late at about 8.30pm in the evening of 12th February 2017 by Nat, Supervisor of the Animal Care Team.

At first the pup appeared to just be exhausted from rough seas and a little underweight but a closer look revealed he had some nasty wounds to his flippers and an infection as a result.
Obi Wan
Obi Wan Although still very poorly Obi Wan is very feisty and immediately ate fish for himself. The team are hopeful this little pup will do well under the care of the dedicated staff and vets. He currently weighs 18.5kgs.

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Update - 16th April 2017 : Obi Wan is currently in the outside pool putting on lots of weight before being released back to the wild in the coming month.

Obi Wan´s flipper tag number is 399 (white).

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Obi Wan