News Update for Spring 2015
Pup Given Permanent Home!

A loveable seal pup with seriously impaired vision has been given a permanent home at Sea Life Sanctuary.
Common seal pup Boo was rescued in June 2014 when he was barely a week old and was very tiny. Boo, common seal pup
The pup was separated from his mum and still had his umbilical cord attached, indicating he was only a few days old! Click here to read the press release.
Resident Seals
"Naughty" Pippa would´t get out of the seal pool despite it being drained for cleaning in April 2015. Her response to being offered some fish was to stick her head down the drain and have a tantrum! Pippa
Clearly no one had told Pippa it´s Friday! Click here to see a larger photo of this and a further one.

Macey, Pippa, Lora and Boo were voted "Superheroes of the Sea" during the Sanctuary's Spongebob event. Here´s Boo accepting the award on their behalf!
Boo accepting the Spongebob award
Resident Otters
On 26th April the staff celebrated Isla and Lewis´s 4th Wedding Anniversary with extra treats.

Interesting fact...The North American River Otter, Lontra canadensis, generally weighs 20 to 25 pounds and has a long tail that´s about half the length of its body. When they swim, River Otters keep their bellies down and paddle with their webbed feet.
Britain´s rarest crab has literally walked into the centre and offered itself up for public display. It is a "one-in-a-million" blue shore crab...a species that is generally green or reddish brown. It´s common name in North America is the green shore crab. Click here to read the press release. blue shore crab
If you find a Seal in the Wild

We are now coming into the common seals pupping season, if you are visiting the coast around Scotland, you may well see newborn pups, can we remind you that the pups may look cute, but they have sharp teeth that carry harmful bacterial.
Also keep your dogs on leads when near seals.
Click here
to find out
what to do
if you
a seal pup that is in distress or alone.
Common Seals in the wild
Please...DO keep your distance; Do Not attempt to handle the pup; Do Not attempt to put the pup in the sea; Do Not ignore the situation; Do call the Sanctuary on 01631 720386 or tell an appropriate organisation.
Easter Egg Hunt

Did you get a chance to go the very popular Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt which was held on Sunday 5th April 2015. Great fun was had by all!
Ancient Oceans
23rd-31st May

Did you know...It´s believed that turtles evolved from land dwelling creatures similar to tortoises. One theory for this change is that they were spending more and more time in the water, in order to survive the event that wiped out the dinosaurs.

The only dependency they still have on land is to lay their eggs. Come and see just how weird and wonderful they´ve evolved to be at the Turtle Sanctuary during Ancient Oceans week. Photo below: Common Snapping Turtle
Ancient Oceans - 23-31 May 2015
Walk for Whales

Want to do your bit to raise awareness and money for The Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity? Why not take part in the "Walk for Whales" on the 28th June between 11am and 2pm in Oban? Click here for more details.
Walk for Whales - 28th June 2015
VIP Breakfast

The "VIP Breakfast" with the Seals experience is now available to purchase online at just £50 per couple (includes entry into the aquarium) via the website in the "experiences" section of the buy tickets page.
Feed the Seals

Did you know...for just an extra £15* per person you can feed the seals? Enquire at front of house on your next visit and get closer to the resident seals than ever before!

Please note: *price does not include entry into the aquarium, ticket must be purchased separately per person via the "extras" section of the buy tickets page.

Purchase these great experiences and just call the Sanctuary on 01631 720386 to book your feed! (Must be booked at least 72 hours in advance, maximum of 2 people per experience).

Lego® City Deep Sea

Become a LEGO® City Explorer at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary this Summer between 1st June and 31st August 2015 and explore the secrets of the ocean. The LEGO® CITY Deep Sea Explorers have lost some of their equipment; can you help them find the missing pieces?

Animal Adoptions

A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.

Help us to maintain first class animal care at SEA LIFE.
Click here for more details.
Animal Adoptions

Latest Leaflet

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