Nox was rescued on 3rd December 2017
Nox, was the first Grey Seal of the winter pupping season, was rescued on the 3rd December 2017.

He was around 4 weeks old when rescued and was very small at only 14kgs, had a nasty wound to his back and flippers which had become infected
Nox Update - 17th December 2017 : These photos left and above of Nox were taken on 16th December 2017 in the hospital´s pen. He currently weighs 15.5kgs.

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Update - 21st January 2018 : Nox is now in the outside seal enclosure for his final stage of rehabilitation.

This pup is very cheeky, he comes up on to the haul out platform during feeding time and helps himself to fish from the bucket.
Nox Click here to see larger version of this and further photos taken on 20th January 2018.

Nox´s flipper ID tag number is 382 (green).

Update - 5th February 2018 : Nox was released back to the wild on 3rd February 2018.