News Update October 2015
Seal Release
On 19th October 2015 members of the Animal Care Team released the first of this year's rescued common seals, Magnum, Solero, Haribo, Twister, Nobbly Bobbly, Flake and Cornetto, back into the wild at Snettisham beach.

Click here to watch a video of the seal release.

What better way to celebrate a year of the Sanctuary being open again!

The busiest year of seal rescue in the history of Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary saw it respond to more than 50 emergency calls and take a total of 37 seals into its care.
Seal Release - 19th October 2015
The Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team has estimated it has travelled about 1,147 miles on rescue missions since March. The longest single journey was a 141-mile return trip to pick up a pup, subsequently christened Mint Choc Chip from Hemsby in September 2015.

Photo below was taken in September 2015
Pups in the outside resident seals enclosure
Natalie, a member of the Animal Care Team, said "The release will be a particularly emotional experience for me. Magnum (photo below) has always been my favourite little boy ever since first rescuing him back on 11th June."
It´s been an unbelievably busy summer for us, with both our indoor hospital and outdoor convalescence pool more crowded than they have ever been before.
Adopt a Pup
A special way to honour a birthday, a Christmas present, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause. Why not adopt a seal pup and help to maintain the first class animal care at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Please click here for more details.
Birthday Parties
Why not give your son or daughter a birthday to remember with an Exclusive SEA LIFE Party. Your son or daughter would get a very special birthday party enjoying their day at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary with family, friends and Captain Jack Sparrow. If you are interested please call the centre on 01485 533576.
Birthday Party
Seal Pups Update
Main outside pool - The following seal pups are still in the main outdoor pool fattening up for release and were weighed on 27th October:-

Mini Milk - weighs 21kgs
Maxibon - weighs 28kgs
Feast - weighs 26kgs
Mivvi - weighs 29kgs
Funny Foot - weighs 23kgs
Tutti Frutti - weighs 22kgs

The resident adult common seals are still helping them to compete for fish during feeding time.

The young seal pups are learning the important "social skills" enabling them to live among much larger seals.
Common Seals Pool
Seal hospital´s swim/weaning pool - Tornado (photo below) is back in the hospital for some blood tests.

Calippo currently weighs 28kgs and is still in the hospital figuring out how to eat a little better but it will not be too long before he is outside with the rest of the seal pups.
Pen 4 - Tyne´s pup is back in the hospital as he wasn´t eating a lot outside while the seal pool was so busy but is eating well again in the hospital and should be fine in the main pool once it´s quietened down a little.

As you have guessed Tyne´s pup is a boy and the Animal Care Team will be revealing his name shortly. So watch this space!

Pen 3 - Mint Choc Chip´s mouth is healing well and he is putting on weight quickly, now weighs 22kgs.
Mint Choc Chip
Spooky Seas
Did you join in on the fun of Halloween event "Spooky Seas" between 24th October & 1st November 2015 and cracked the creepy code and collected your Yucky Dip, was it a trick or a treat?
Spooky Week
Latest Leaflet
The Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary´s latest leaflet for 2015 is available, Click here to download a pdf version.
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