Narwhal was rescued on 1st October 2017
Narwhal, male common seal pup, was rescued on 1st October 2017 from Great Yarmouth. He was then delivered down to his new hospital pen at Hunstanton.

Unfortunately due to some unfortunate run ins with adult seals, Narwhal has bite wounds over the surface of his body.
Narwhal Update - 13th November 2017 : Narwhal is currently in the outside seal enclosure for his final stage of rehabilitation.

Click here to see larger version of this photo which was taken on 11th November 2017.
Update - 25th November 2017 : Narwhal along with Anguilla were released back to the wild on 23rd November 2017 on the beach at Hunstanton.

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Anguilla and Narwhal