Tragic loss of Muddy the Ringed Seal

A ringed seal pup rescued in September 2016 and cared for at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has died tragically overnight (23rd/24th November 2016).

Muddy the ringed seal, who was 3,000 miles from home when found in Plymouth, was due to make an epic journey north next week to be freed in the seas off the Orkney isles.

The animal care team and Sanctuary staff are shocked and deeply saddened at Muddy´s death.
Muddy "She was malnourished and a bit bruised and battered when she was rescued but had bounced back really well," said animal care supervisor Claire Fraser.

"She was all set to get a chance at living back in the wild. Her death was so sudden and unexpected it has really knocked us all for six."

A full post mortem will be conducted and results should be known in a few weeks.

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 24th November 2016