Lassie was rescued on 19th March 2019
Lassie, female grey seal pup, was rescued on the 19th March 2019. She was observed hauling out on a beach overnight, completely normal seal behaviour, however, volunteers noticed her breathing wasn´t as effortless as we would like.

After bringing her in for closer inspection, Lassie is being treated for lung worm and a possible chest infection.
lassie Update - 15th April 2019 : Lassie is doing really well and it will not be too long before she will be returned to the wild.

Click here to see a larger version of this and above photos of Lassie were taken on 14th April 2019.
Update - 25th May 2019 : Lassie was relased back in to the wild along with Merlin on 23rd May 2019 at Hunstanton beach.

Her flipper tag ID number is 431 (red).