Joy was rescued on 30th November 2016
This little common seal pup was rescued on 30th November 2016 from Salthouse after she was found on the beach looking a little underfed and with many small bite wounds. She is around 5 months old but is underweight. This pup has been named Joy.

Joy also has some wheezing breathing but is otherwise well. She has lots of fight in her so the Animal Care Team are hopeful she will make a speedy recovery.
Joy Update - 23rd January 2017 : Joy is now in the outside seal pool for her final stage of rehabilitation and learning how to compete for fish during feeding time with the other rescued seal pups and resident seals.

Click here to see a larger version of this photo taken on 21st January 2017.
Update - 12th February 2017 : Joy has completed her rehabilitation and was returned to the wild on 2nd February 2017 from the beach at the front of Hunstanton SEA LIFE. She weighed 32kgs.

Click here to watch a short video of Joy being released back to the wild.

Joy´s flipper tag number is 85 (blue).