Joe Wicks was rescued on 20th May 2020
Joe Wicks, a common seal pup, was found on 20th May 2020 from Brancaster beach after being separated from his mum. He was found at 2 days old but weighing only 7kgs so he is underweight. Common seals are usually born at 10kgs.

The white fluffy coat you can see should have been shed prior to birth so this tell us Joe Wicks was born prematurely.
Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks Update - 30th May 2020 : Joe Wicks is being well cared for by the specialist Animal Care Team who are feeding him a special fish soup mixture every three hours to try to fatten him up!

He loves to shout for his dinner and is a big wriggler who has the Animal Care Team chasing him around his hospital pool. Click here to watch a short video.
Update - 8th June 2020 : Click here to join Hollie, Senior Aquarist, in the seal hospital with pups, Joe Wicks and Sir Tom on World Oceans Day. Joe Wicks