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Issue 120
May 2016

Seal Pups Update

During three days in May (10th, 16th and 27th), over 29 rescued seal pups
who had completed their rehabilitation at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary were returned to the wild.

The first pups released of the 10th May 2016 were Tafl and Black Jack at Gunwalloe, followed a few hours later by Tiddlywinks, Backgammon, Fantastica, Sagaland, Pie Face, Quiz and Hungry Hungry Hippo.
Click here to watch a short video filmed by Grace Jones.
Click here to see a selection of amazing photos taken by Photographer Simon Bone of the release.
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© Photo right by Simon Bone
Seal Release - 10th May 2016

Pop up Pirate, Pontoon, Marbles, Connect 4 and Screwball Scramble were released back into the wild on 16th May 2016 at Gwithian.
Just click here to see a selection of photos taken of the seal release on 16th May 2016.

Photos Credit: BDMLR
Seal Release on 16th May 2016

Early in the morning of the 27th May 2016 Shogi, Hot Potato and Jumanji were released back into the wild at Gunwalloe, followed a few hours later by Ludo, Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe, Bounce Off, Queue and Magic at Gwithian.

Resident Grey Seals

Over in the convalescent pool, Atlanta, Lizzie, Sheba, Snoopy, Willow, Ray and Badger, are patting each other on the back, congratulating themselves for helping in another successful rescue/rehabilitation/release season, although Ray and Badger did try and teach many of the pups tricks on how to get more fish. Now there are no seal pups left in the convalescent pool, the Animal Care Team can go back in and continue the residents enrichment programme for the Summer.
Click here or on the buttons below to see a selection of photos taken in the convalescent pool. Convalescent pool
Convalescent Pool Convalescent Pool Convalescent Pool Convalescent Pool Convalescent Pool Convalescent
Over in the male grey enclosure, Flipper, Marlin, Pumpkin and Yulelogs, are doing well.

Click here or on the buttons below to see a selection of photos taken in the grey seals enclosure.
Grey Seal Enclosure Grey Seal Enclosure Grey Seal Enclosure Grey Seal Enclosure Grey Seal Enclosure Grey Seals Enclosure

Californian Sea Lions

Click here or on the buttons below to see a selection of photos of Sunny and André.
Sea Lions Sea Lions Sea Lions Sea Lions Sea Lions

New Asian short-clawed Otters

Its been a few months now since Apricot and Harris, the two new Asian Short-clawed Otters, have become the new residents at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

They seem to be getting on really well but we will let you in on a secret; Apricot doesn´t like water which makes the Animal Care Team´s life much easier when it comes to putting vitamin supplements into her food each day.
Click here or on the buttons below to see a selection of photos of Harris taken earlier this month in their enclosure. Harris - photos taken in May 2016
Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris

Post Monitoring of Seals!

Here is a list of tagged seals spotted in the wild by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) around the coast of Cornwall this month:-

Whist on 2nd May 2016, Ken on 5th May 2016, Hex on 5th & 16th May 2016, Uno on 19th May 2016 and Shuttle on 27th May 2016.
A week after Hex was released back to the wild, he was seen on 5th May 2016 enjoying being amongst the adult seals by Sue Sayer a member of CSGRT.

© Photo right of Hex was taken by Sue Sayer.
Hex - Photo by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust
This information regarding tagged seals seen in the wild is copyright of the CSGRT.

Click here to read an interesting fact sheet about the grey seals in Cornwall & the Isles of Scillies which was produced by Sue Sayer of the CSGRT.
Wolverine was also seen in the wild this month on 27th May 2016 by Anna Cawthray of the Scilly Seal Snorkelling company. Wolverine - photo by Scilly Seal Snorkelling
Click here to see a selection of photos taken by the Scilly Seal Snorkelling. Thank you for allowing us to share these photos with everyone.

Click here to visit their facebook page.

If you find a Seal in the Wild

For over 55 years the Sanctuary has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing those pups from our local coastline that find themselves in trouble, whether it be eye problems, respiratory infections and malnourishment to broken bones, pollution-related problems and being separated from their mother too soon.

Just like to remind you that if you discover a seal pup that is in distress or alone, please call the Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361 and/or the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on 01825 765546.

DO keep your distance; DON´T attempt to handle the pup; DON´T attempt to put the pup in the sea; DON´T ignore the situation;

DO tell the appropriate organisation.
Seals in the wild
If you have seen a seal disturbed in to the sea as a result of human activity or a dead seal, please call the Cornwall Wildlife Trust´s marine hotline : 0345 201 26 26.

Animal Adoptions
Why not adopt a creature and help to maintain first class animal care at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.

Please click here for more details and to download a printer friendly PDF version of the sponsorship form or call 01326 221361 for more details.
Seal Pups Photos Gallery
Click on the names of the pups below to see photos of them taken on 20th May 2016 in the nursery pools and rehabilitation pool.

Jumanji, Shogi, Buckaroo, Go, Cranium, Sudoku, Bounce Off, Queue, Magic, Hot Potato, Tic Tac Toe and Pups in the Rehab Pool.
Pups Kissing
Humboldt Penguins
Did you know that...Humboldt Penguins are also called Donkey Penguins because their call sounds similar to the bray of a donkey!

Click here to see a larger photo of these penguins.
Humboldt Penguins
Penguins Penguins Penguins
Click here to see a larger photo of the paddock animals .
Paddock Paddock Paddock
Common Seals
Click here to see a larger photo of Buddy, Bo and Babyface.
Common Seals
Forthcoming Events
Get creative at the SEA LIFE and come along and join in on the fun at the Mister Maker events between the 14th May to 12th June 2016.

Learn how to create your favourite sea creatures in the interactive craft zone, and on your journey through SEA LIFE, collect the recyclable materials you need to make your very own crab at home! Please note: Mister Maker will not be appearing at this event.
Mister Maker
Mister Maker Mister Maker Mister Maker
Walk for Whales 2016
A date for your diary...Want to do your bit to raise awareness and money for The Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity?

Why not take part in the 5 miles "Walk for Whales" on Sunday 26th June 2016 at one of the eleven Sea Life centres around the UK. One could be near you?

Click here to find out more details.
Walk for Whales - 26th June 2016
Visitors Photos
The photo below was taken by Tracy Evans during a visit with her family to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 20th May 2016. Tracy said "Thank you for an amazing day out. It was the best day of our holiday and will be back again next year".

Click here to see a larger version of this and further a photo.
Photos by the Tracy Evans
Trek Cornwall 2016
In summer 2013 Jessica Hirons completed her first 300 mile round Cornwall walk for Grey Seals and she is now planning her next big challenge.

Originally completing the walk in 20 days (average of 15 miles a day) she has decided to repeat the challenge but this time up her game and complete in 11 days meaning an average daily mileage of 26!! Yes 11 marathons in 11 days!! Click here to read more.
Trek Cornwall 2016
Photo Opportunity
Three members of the Animal Care Team, Zoe, Tamara, Taylor with one of the Volunteers Lydia.
Some of the Animal Care Team
"The Story of Roo" book
The Website Media Team recommends an amazing book called "The Story of Roo, the Little Seal Pup" written by Victoria A Vine, who used to work at the Seal Sanctuary, and Illustrated by Carole Simmonds.

This book is on sale at the Gweek village shop - price £14.99.
Please contact Rachael at the Village shop on 01326 221236 for more details.
The Story of Roo, the Little Seal Pup book
Dogs are Welcome
Did you know that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary loves well behaved dogs!

Dogs are always welcome at the Sanctuary provided they are kept on a lead. Please do not leave dog(s) in your car during your visit.

Also don´t forget to bring some poo bags with you to clear up after your dog(s).
Attraction´s Leaflet
Click here to download a printer friendly pdf version of the Sanctuary´s leaflet for 2016.

Buy your Discount Entry Tickets in Advance
Don´t forget to purchase your entrance tickets for single admission tickets, family tickets, group tickets, school bookings, etc., on-line in advance and Save Money.

Plus you can also purchase SEA LIFE Annual Passes and Merlin Annual Passes.

When you click here or on the button right, it will take you through to Merlin Entertainments´ Official Cornish Seal Sanctuary website for the Best Price Guarantee.
A Frequent Question: I´m on holiday in the area and can´t print my tickets

Answer: Although it is preferable and quicker if the front of house staff have a printed copy of your ticket, you can still book your tickets online in advance and make savings if you bring along the booking reference number (or can show the email confirmation on a mobile device), the card used and some ID that matches the booking name. The Front of House Staff can then check the records and allow entry from there.

This news update has been put together by volunteers/supporters of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

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