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Issue 146
Special Edition
July 2018


Sanctuary Founders honoured with
Blue Plaque Unveiling
As part of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s 60th Anniversary celebrations, Friday 13th July 2018 was a very special day. Everyone had great pleasure in unveiling a commemorative blue plaque dedicated to the Sanctuary founders, Ken and Mary Jones.

The Sanctuary were joined by lots of special people that were an inherent part of the Sanctuary´s humble beginnings and history, including Linda and Paul Bennett, Ken and Mary´s daughter and son-in-law.
Ken's daughter Linda unveils the commemorative blue plaque
Ken's daughter Linda unveils the commemorative blue plaque The Cornish Seal Sanctuary would like to thank everyone who joined the staff today, from family and friends to previous staff members that made the Sanctuary what it is today, it was wonderful to have you all here, to hear your stories and to be reminded what incredible work took place back in 1958 and is still going strong in 2018.
The Sanctuary will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer, inviting guests to swim through history and learn all about the Sanctuaries origins; from 1958 to their record year of seal rescue today. Ken's daughter Linda unveils the commemorative blue plaque
Late 1980s photo Great treasured memories!

This amazing photo left was taken in late 1980s :

Ken & Mary Jones with Mary-Ann Tompkins, Dave Williams, Dotty Roper, Judy Williams, Mike Thomas, Don, Sally Tompkins, Thyella Eustis, Malcolm Dunn, Courtney Eustice and Margaret Dunn.

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