Episki was rescued on 1st February 2018
Episki, female grey seal pup, was rescued on 1st February 2018 from Holkham beach. Unfortunately she has a damaged right eye which will require treatment and possibly surgery but seals often recover well from eye injuries even if they lose sight in one eye, as they can use their extremely sensitive whiskers to help them to find food.

At only 13kgs she is very small so will need lots of fish to fatten her up.
Episki Update - 18th February 2018 : Although Episki may look quite sorry for herself, the Animal Care Team are hopeful she can make a full recovery and return to the wild after some TLC.

She currently weighs 14kgs.

Click here to see larger versions of left and above photos of Episki taken on 17th February 2018.
Update - 12th March 2018 : Episki is currently in the hospital. She currently weighs 17.5kgs.

Click here to see larger version this photo of Episki taken on 11th March 2018.