Seal entangled in a net!
Entanglement Seal
© This photo is courtesy of the Cornwall Seal Group.

On 25th April 2015 members of the (British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and the Cornwall Seal Group (CSG) were called to help in a seal entanglement.

The BDMLR and CSG achieved a very successful rescue. A green trawl nettie had remained on beach all day in suitable position with few other seals on the beach and as the rescue team started to descend the slope for the rescue, a second blue nettie hauled out and went to join the first. So Dan (from the Seal Sanctuary and a member of CSG and BDMLR) and Phil cut the net from both and let them go as they had no substantial injuries!

What a wonderful successful story. Well done.

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