Donner was rescued on 3rd January 2016
This cheeky little lady is Donner (an alternative spelling for Donder, yes the Animal Care Team are stuck with the reindeer names) who was rescued on 3rd January 2016 from Mundesley beach with the help of volunteer Stephanie and the local Coastwatch team.

Photo right was taken on 8th January 2016.
Update - 8th January 2016 : Donner had a full coat of white fur when she arrived at the Seal Hospital but as you can see from her above photo, she has already swapped this out for adult fur.

At only 17kg Donner is very underweight and was badly dehydrated when she was picked up but is doing well and taking whole herring already. She also had a few bite wounds but with some treatment these are healing well. Fingers crossed Donner piles on the pounds and can join some of the other seals in the outdoor main pool very soon.
Donner Update - 28th February 2016 : Here is the latest photo of Donner taken on 27th February 2016, she is still in the hospital´s weaning/swim pool and shares this with two other rescued seal pups named Prancer and Comet.

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Update - 12th April 2016 : Donner is currently in the outside seal pool and weighs 34kgs, she just needs to put on another 6kgs before Donner is released back to the wild in the next month or so.

Donner´s flipper tag number is 163 (blue).

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Donner - 10th April 2016
Seal release on 18th May 2016 Update - 5th June 2016 : Donner along with Pacman, Tinsel, Noel, Mivvi and Krampus have been rehabilitated over the last few months and were released at Snettisham beach back into the sea where they belong on 18th May 2016.

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