Doc was rescued on 17th January 2020
Doc, a 2 weeks old male whitecoat grey seal pup, was rescued on 17th January 2020. He was found by a member of the public in the Holmes dunes, taking shelter underneath a tree.

He still had his whitecoat which means he is very young and would still be dependent on mum.
Doc He was covered in sand and upon arrival the animal care team spotted that he had a sore eye which as you can see is very cloudy. The Animal Care Team are unsure what could have caused this but he is receiving treatment.

Although this pup is young and a bit poorly, he is still full of energy and likes to shout! On arrival "Doc" weighed 11kgs. He is currently on a fish soup diet which will help him get back to the weight that he should be.
Every 4 hours Doc is taken to a specialist nebulising tent to help him with his pneumonia. He spends about 20 minutes in the tent.

The Animal Care Team are working hard to make him feel better.

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Update - 21st March 2020 : Doc has completed his rehabilitation and was released back into the wild on 16th March 2020.