Buckaroo was rescued on 15th January 2016
Buckaroo, 4 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued on 15th January 2016 from Weymouth Bay in Bude by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BMDLR) team.

The pup arrived at the Seal Sanctuary at a good weight of 25kgs. Buckaroo was found bleeding from his mouth and the Team discovered he had gingivitis and a deep wound to the front flipper. The pup was put on a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
Update - 20th February 2016 : The gingivitis has cleared up and Buckaroo´s wound is healing well. As soon as the wounds are clear and feeding well, he will go outdoors to the nursery pool to join the other rescued seal pups on their rehabilitation and then return to the wild. Buckaroo´s flipper tag number is 94 (blue).
Buckaroo Update - 22nd May 2016 : Buckaroo is now in the final stage of rehabilitation and will be released back into the wild in the next few weeks.

This photo left of Buckaroo was taken on 20th May 2016 in the nursery pool.   Click here to see a larger version of this photo.

Update - 11th June 2016 : Buckaroo along with Cranium and Go were returned to the wild on 6th June 2016 at Gwithan.