Boo was rescued on 15th June 2014

A 2 day old premature male common (harbour) seal pup (phoca vitulina), was rescued from Dunollie Castle in Oban.

The pup was brought to Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary by the local vet who found him in a thin and weak state. When he arrived in the hospital, he weighed only 6kgs and still had his umbilicus which suggests the pup could have been separated from his mother shortly after birth.
When this pup first arrived at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary, he used to call to the Animal Care Team all the time, and the noise he made was "BOO!" This is why his name is now Boo!
Boo Update: 12th August 2014 - Boo is now in the weaning pool and weighs a very healthy 20kgs.

Not long now until he is moved into the outside big seal pool to learn how to compete for fish!
Update: 4th September 2014 - Boo now weighs 24.6 kilos and will be learning "how to be a seal" from the older girls. They will teach him about competition for food and general "seal etiquette".

Click here to watch a short film by Farrah Minchin of Boo being moved into the outside resident seals enclosure.
Update: February 2015 - A decision was made not to return Boo to the wild. He is now a resident with Lora, Macey and Pippa.   Click here to read Boo´s press release.