Anguilla was rescued on 8th October 2017
Anguilla, female adult common seal, was rescued on 8th October 2017 from the riverbank by Denver Sluice near Downham Market.

She is an adult seal who was bought to the attention of the Animal Care Team by a member of the public. Anguilla is underweight and malnourished although she weighed 50kgs when the Animal Care Team rescued her with a little help from some wonderful members of the public.
Anguilla Anguilla also has an injury to her left eye which the team are monitoring closely, giving her plenty of food and medication to give her time to recover.

Update - 13th November 2017 : These photos left and above of Anguilla were taken on 11th November 2017 in the hospital´s swim pool.

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Update - 25th November 2017 : Anguilla along with Narwhal were released back to the wild on 23rd November 2017 on the beach at Hunstanton.

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Anguilla´s flipper tag number is 381(white).
Anguilla and Narwhal