Alohamora was rescued on 5th February 2018
Alohamora, female grey seal pup, was rescued on 5th February 2018 from Holme beach near Old Hunstanton. She is estimated at about 12 weeks old and came in weighing at 18kgs.

This would usually be a great example of a healthily progressing seal if it weren´t for her swollen bottom jaw, which has revealed an underlying infection.
Alohamora Update - 18th February 2018 : Now that Alohamora´s jaw has gone down, the Animal Care Team are treating the infection and working on getting her back into the wild as soon as possible. She currently weighs 16.9kgs.

Click here to see larger versions of left and above photos of Alohamora taken on 17th February 2018.
Update - 12th March 2018 : Alohamora currently in the hospital, she currently weighs 20kgs.

Click here to see larger version of this photo of Alohamora taken on 11th March 2018.