Seal experts at the National Seal Sanctuary have had to adapt training for one of the newest and oldest residents at the Sanctuary.

Believed to be the UK´s oldest Common Seal at an incredible 32 years old, now lives at the Sanctuary in Cornwall, and the Animal Care Team have had to adapt his training according to his health needs.

Jenna Blacow, a member of the Animal Care Team who designs enrichment training for our Common Seals at the Sanctuary, has had her work cut out providing the best training for his needs.
″Babyface, had originally lived at Colchester Zoo, but after losing his partner last year a new home was needed. Not only did he lose his partner but a reoccurring eye infection, the Zoo decided to remove his left eye″ said Jenna Common Seal Expert

Training has been designed to meet the needs of Babyface, with his age, he has started to lose his hearing and his vision problems means a new training aid in the form of a rattle.

″The target stick has been designed for Babyface, a long pole with a rattle on the end, this gets tapped on the floor of the enclosure and Babyface comes out of the pool, his training is improving every day and he is so willing to please″ added Jenna.

Babyface joined two females, Luna and Sija, who have been at the Sanctuary since 2007 after moving from Belgium SEA LIFE Centre.

Despite his age Babyface is very happy to have two younger ladies to chase after in his twilight years, and seems to be very happy in his new home.
Photo call: Babyface learing to do ´rattle´ training
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
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Date: 10th February 2011