He is meant to be enjoying his retirement quietly, but the UK´s oldest common seal has found love again at the National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek.

32 year old Babyface, believed to be the UK´s oldest common seal, has given female playmate Luna his seal of approval.

A favourite at Colchester Zoo, one eyed Babyface was retired to the National Seal Sanctuary in September last year after losing his female partner of over 20 years.

But rather than enjoying his twilight years peacefully, Babyface is determined to grow old disgracefully by showing amorous advances to his female pool-mate Luna.
Babyface and Luna are in love
For two weeks Babyface has been persistently following and bellowing at 16 year old Luna, also a common seal.

Luna was originally rescued in Blankenberge after being stranded on the Danish coast twice and was taken into care when her rescuers realised she was totally blind.

She was transferred from Blankenberge to the National Seal Sanctuary in 2007.

With breeding season starting in June, Babyface is ahead of the game in his advances but Luna has received his attentions amicably and staff are delighted the two have paired together.

Staff member Rachael Vine said "Babyface was retired to the National Seal Sanctuary after fears he would grow lonely and depressed after his long term partner Jasmine died. We moved him into a pool with two females, Luna and Sija, and we were hoping that he would get on well with his pool-mates but it´s a wonderful surprise that he has found love again."
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details please contact: Rachael Vine on 01326 221361
Date: 3rd May 2011