Cleo, a hooded sealCLEO - The Hooded Seal
Cleo the Hooded seal was found exhausted and undernourished off the coast of Malaga, but after a long journey, she is now recovering in our Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall. The eight-month-old pup, who we assume had lost its way from the Arctic circle, weighed 30kg ( they should weigh between 50-60Kg ) when she was found off the Spanish coast late last month.
Cleo was being treated by a Turtle rescue centre, and the plan was to fly her to Scotland so she could be released off the Scottish coast after recovering at The Scottish Sealife and Marine Sanctuary at Oban. The route was changed when it was discovered that there was no connecting flights on the day, so she started her visit to the UK with us.
Cleo, a hooded sealCleo has already put on 8kg (about 18lb) since she arrived with us and is recovering quite well. We won't release her until she reaches at least 50kg (about 110lb), Mark Stewart, curator of Marine Mammals, said: "We had planned to move her to Oban but because she is progressing so well down here, we might take her straight to Thurso (near Wick) and then by boat as far north as Shetland, depending on conditions." Cleo, a hooded seal
The reasons for the seal's journey to the Mediterranean was still unclear, although climate change could be a possibility.
Cleo, a hooded sealCleo was released back into the wild on 9th of December 2001.

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