Holly was rescued on 14th December 2011
On the 14th December 2011 we received a call about a seal at Padstow, with volunteers close to location, they headed out and found the pup malnourished and dehydrated and would need to be brought in.

Whilst members of the Animal Care Team prepared a pen in the hospital, a phone call from a member of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team (BDMLR) told us that the pup was a common seal.

Photo (right) was taken by Faye Archell of the BDMLR.
Holly - photo taken by Faye Archell
Holly Sure enough when members of the BDMLR´s team pulled up at the Sanctuary, we agreed that it was indeed a Common seal underweight, dehydrated and very lost as we do not normally have Common seals in Cornwall, the nearest area is around Wales and South East Ireland.

Holly as she has been named because she was found at Ivey beach is doing well and should be released back into the wild very soon.
Update: 29th December 2011 - Holly´s weight is 14kg. Photo right of Holly was taken in the hospital on 28th December 2011.     Click here to see further photos.

Update: 8th January 2012 - The animal care team is very sad to report that Holly passed away on Tuesday 3rd January 2012. Since Holly had been in the hospital she had struggled to maintain weight and although progressing slowly through her rehab, what appeared to be a minor respiratory infection, developed into a persistent cough.

Following veterinary advice Holly was re-wormed as well as completing a precautionary course of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory but her condition continued to worsen and eventually she refused to feed.
Holly on 28th December 2011
Despite doing everything they could and monitoring her around the clock over the weekend sadly Holly passed away on the Tuesday. Post-mortem investigations revealed she had been battling pneumonia thought to be caused by the lungworm, and despite everything which was done by all concerned she was unable to fight off such a severe infection.

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