He-Man was rescued on 12th January 2015
He-Man, 8-10 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued from the beautiful beach at Porthcurno on 12th January 2015 by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team.

The pup was found to be underweight with some wounds and some nasal discharge. He weighed 19kgs.
Feeding time in the convalescent pool
Update - 23rd January 2015 : He-Man now weighs 20kg and quite feisty. He has been moved to the outside nursery pool for his next stage of rehabilitation. His flipper tag number is 074 (yellow).
He-Man - Photo taken on 24th April 2015 Update - 26th April 2015 : He-Man is currently in the convalescent pool, he just needs to put on a little more weight before He-Man is released back to the wild by the end of May 2015.

Photo left of He-Man was taken on 24th April 2015.
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Update - 18th May 2015 : He-Manalong with Joker, Oracle, Sabretooth, Supergirl, Elektra and Flash were released back into the wild at Gunwalloe on 14th May 2014.

Each pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary can cost up to £1,000+ to rescue, rehabilitate and release, if you would like to help by adopting a pup (Adoption £25 each pup) or make a donation towards a pup´s rehabilitation,
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The staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary do a brilliant job and without your help, they couldn´t continue.