"Hats on we're off" - 15th July 2004
Experts from the National Seal Sanctuary here in Gweek, will be releasing Dock and Clover, two rescued grey seal pups with the help of Orca Seafaris from Falmouth on Friday 16th of July 2004. These pups are finally ready for release following six months intensive rehabilitation from the dedicated members of the Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team.

Releases are always an emotional time for the Animal Care Team, who have often spent many hours, day and night, nursing these animals back to health.

"We’re always pleased to see these pups returned to the wild, as it justifies the hours of hard work the team have spent in their rehabilitation" said Senior Animal Care Team member Tarmara Cooper "however, it´s difficult not to become a little attached to the fascinating creatures during the time they spend here".

Dock was rescued at Porthleven and Clover picked up by the RSPCA at Padstow, both arrived at the Sanctuary in January. Both seals suffering puncture wounds and colds were treated in the Sanctuary´s seal hospital.

Dock was also found to have a broken bone in his flipper, this was removed by an operation, which was a complete success.

Following the hospital treatment, they were moved to the convalescence pool together, where they quickly bonded and could often be seen swimming round the pool. As they had been rehabilitated together, it was decided they should be released with each other.

Once again these pups are being released with hat tags.

These small yellow coloured hats, on top of the seals head each have an individual number and we are asking the public to call the sanctuary with any sightings. So far this year we have had nine sightings, with one coming in from as far away as Lundy Island.

Now that we have released nearly all of the pups from the last season, it is time to prepare for this year´s arrivals; the first pups of the season may be born within six weeks.

"We are getting the hospital ready and would be grateful for any unwanted towels for the seal handlers" added Tarmara.