HARRIS was rescued on 30th November 2000
Harris was rescued very late at night from Penberth Cove on the 30th November 2000. It was reported that this pup was very underweight and a little bit lost! Both of these reports were confirmed when Harris was rescued from the footpath leading up to someone´s house!

Harris is actually quite a large chap but obviously malnourished. His right eye has had a nasty ulcer and he had a wound on his rear right flipper. Harris received intensive eye therapy in the form of drops in his affected eye 6-8 times a day.
Harris in our hospital
Update: 28th February 2001 - Unfortunately Harris eye did not respond to treatment and he developed a "melting ulcer". In just a couple of days his cornea had ruptured and surgery was required to remove the affected eye. Harris made brilliant progress and is now in the convalescence pool awaiting release.

IONA was rescued on 1st December 2000
Iona was rescued on the 1st December 2000 from Blue Mills, St. Agnes. Iona was discovered by a dog, camouflaged to the untrained human eye in amongst the rocks. She had some obvious wounds to her head and was a little malnourished.

Iona´s wounds are clean and do not appear infected. It is thought that with a little tender loving care and a break from the rough seas we are experiencing at the moment, Iona should make a full and quick recovery.
Iona in one of our nursery pools