HARPER was rescued on 28th December 1999
Harper was rescued from Porthgwidden, St Ives on the 28th December 1999. He was found by a member of the public looking very exhausted. The tide however was coming in and when we had the call at the Sanctuary we had ½ hour to get to St Ives before the tide would wash him away. St Ives is approximately a ¾ hour drive from the Sanctuary so we were cutting it very fine.

We decided to call up a member of British Divers Marine Life Rescue as he lived in St Ives and asked if he could look at the pup for us and assess whether it needed to be hospitalised.
Harper in one of the nursery pools
Two members of the team then set off. When we arrived at the beach the tide was in and there was no sign of the pup. Fearing that the pup had been washed away, we tried to contact Pete. He has already picked the pup up and was just around the corner held safely in a fish box.

Harper was underweight, snuffily and had numerous wounds on his flippers and neck, probably bite wounds afflicted by another seal. Harper made very quick progress, he responded well to antibiotics and drugs for his respiratory problems and within one month he had doubled in weight and was moved into the convalescence pool.

PORSCHE was rescued on 9th November 1999
Porsche was a Welsh pup rescued by the RSPCA on the 9th of November 1999. She was an aggressive pup from the start who learned to feed herself rapidly and responded well to treatment.

Fairing very well in the convalescence pool she grew quickly and was released from Port Gaverne on 19th January 2000, weighing a very healthy 65kg!
Porsche in the convalescence pool

BEAMER was rescued on 31st of October 1999
Beamer was rescued by the RSPCA at St Ives on the west coast on 31st of October 1999. He had superficial wounds and was thin. The seal hospital was full, however, and Beamer had to be transported to West Hatch, the RSPCA´s wildlife hospital in Somerset.

Beamer was a sulky pup who did not like sharing his pen with any other seals!
Beamer in the convalescence pool
After he was moved to Gweek, he looked a little under the weather. A short course of antibiotics later and he was well again and could be mixed in with another pup in a nursery pool. Beamer was unfriendly to all the pups he shared a small pool with. He finally settled down and became an aggressive little pup once in the convalescence pool. Beamer was released from the north coast just over a week ago.