HANSY was rescued on 28th November 1999
Hansy was rescued from Godrevy on the 28th November 1999 in pouring rain and heavy seas. She had clambered up the cliff and was so well camouflaged she was nearly missed! After locating her the rescue team went for the cage, Hansy decided to make a bid for freedom and scuttled towards the edge of the rocks. Luckily, she was caught just in time.

Hansy was one of the tiniest pups rescued this year weighing only 11.5kg. She was very thin and cold and was tubed with fluids in a nearby carpark before being transported back to the hospital.
Hansey in the seal hospital
Hansy looks very different now that she has a healthy appetite. She is currently being kept dry due to an ulcer in her right eye which needs antibiotic drops. When this has healed she will go down to the nursery pools. Hansy is now approaching her release weight of 55kg and will soon be released back on the North coast.

JOSEPH was rescued on 21st December 1999
Joseph was rescued on the 21st December 1999 from Porth, near Newquay. He was tiny for his age weighing only 11.5kg at 7 weeks old. Even though he was tiny Joseph thought that he was very big and tried to make us believe that he was really savage by growling and grunting at us. He was nicknamed G.I.-Jo due to this and also because of his dappled coat resembles a pair of combat trousers. He started to feed for himself very quickly and soon started to gain a lot of weight. Joseph is still in the hospital due to a reoccurring ear infection. Now that Joseph is over 25kg he has turned into a very aggressive pup that will only tolerate us in his pen for short periods of time.Joseph in the seal hospital

JESSIE LOGAN arrived on 3rd November 1999
Jessie Logan was brought down to us on 3rd November 1999 from the RSPCA wildlife centre at West Hatch. She was originally rescued from Coombe Martin, Devon.

Jessie didn´t have much wrong with her apart from the fact that she was a bit underweight for her age. We quickly got her feeding for herself and she can be seen having fun in the outside convalescence pool.
Jessie Logan in one of the nursery pools