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Issue 75
Spring 2013

Seal Pups Rescued
Biffy Clyro, a seal pup, was about 6 months old and weighed 30kg when rescued by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team from the beach at Perranporth on 20th April 2013.

Upon arrival at the Seal Sanctuary´s hospital, a clinical assessment was carried out on the pup by members of the animal care team and put under a heat lamp.
Biffy Clyro
Photo above was taken by Paul Riley of Head & Head Veterinary Surgery.
As the pup was very lethargic with a snotty nose, a decision was made to call Paul Riley, the local vet, to check on the pup. The pup was put on a drip and after a few hours, there was a vast improvement. Paul prescribed two courses of antibiotics.

After a few days of treatment and antibiotics, Biffy has improved and started eating fish. He was moved into the main hospital.

Click here to watch a short video of Biffy in the hospital.

Since the photo below was taken on 27th April 2013 in the hospital, Biffy has now been moved to the outside nursery pool for his next stage of rehabilitation. His flipper tag number is 138 (red).
Biffy Clyro
Click on any of the names below to see the latest photos of that seal pup:- Queen, Tina, Bob Marley, Axle Rose, Elvis, Arnold, Frank, Dizzy, Schubert, Iggy, Adele, Shirley Bassey, Celine Dion, Kayah, Buster, Travis and Fiona Bruce.

Sorry there are no new photos of Mick and Slash at the moment but they are doing really well and putting on lots of weight.
As part of the enrichment programme at the sanctuary, the animal care team are always trying to come up with different ideas to encourage the rescued pups to compete for fish; one of them is an ice block containing fish.
Fishy Ice Block
Click here to watch a short video of the pups trying to get the fish from the ice block as it it melts!!!
Adopt a Pup
Each pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary can cost up to £1,000+ to rescue, rehabilitate and release, if you would like to help by sponsoring a pup (Adoption is £25 each pup), please click here or send an email or call 01326 221361 for more details.
Grey Seals
Although Sheba is in her 40s, she has gone for Ray, her toyboy! True Love! Ah bless!

On a nice sunny spring afternoon in April, some of the pups and resident seals were sunbathing on the side of the convalescent pool, but Pumpkin wanted to spoil their enjoyment by trying to push some of the pups into the pool! Naughty Pumpkin.
Pumpkin trying to spoil everyones sunbathing
Fatima has been very naughty as well and was sent to one of nursery pool on her own, as her behaviour was not acceptable. Whilst Fatima is in this pool, members of the animal care team can keep an eye on her to see if she has calmed down.
Fatima in the nursery pool
Fur Seals
Here is another one of the animal care team´s ideas for enrichment programme at the sanctuary.

It is Andy and Chaff´s turn and they love playing with the bubbles (obviously West Ham Football Team supporters as they are forever blowing bubbles!).
Andy and Chaff
Visitors still continue to enjoy helping the entertainment staff with feeding Andy and Chaff in the afternoon.
Visitors enjoy feeding Andy and Chaff
Penguins logo
Yino (blue band) and Pine (black/green/pink band), the two newest members of the Humboldt Penguins are settling in quite well with Ivy (black band), Gilbert (green band), Lola (blue/white band) and Piran (white band).

At the Sanctuary, each Penguin has a different coloured tag to be able to tell them apart. Male Penguins have a coloured band on their right wing and females on their left wing.

Some of the Penguins are nesting at the moment, and when you visit, they may not be out on the side or swimming around in their enclosure. The resident Penguins are still young, and are learning how to be good parents with dummy eggs!

Humbolt Penguins will sit on their eggs for the whole time until they are hatched! They lay two eggs but usually only raise one chick. The extra egg is an insurance policy!

Photo below : One of the Penguins sticking its beak out from the nesting box.   Peek-a-boo...we can see you!
New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour
New for 2013 Come Behind the Scenes to the heart of the marine rescue at Cornwall´s only working Seal Hospital.

See how the members of the Animal Care Team carry out life-saving work with the animals and nurture the new arrivals.

You can also experience what it takes to become a marine expert and where you can witness some of the animal care team preparing the fish.
Jessica and Jessica cleaning the buckets out after feeding the resident seals
Also a chance to try and pick up rescued seal pup, it is not a real pup but you will experience how heavy a real pup can be!

Please click here or on a picture of your choice below to see a larger photo.
New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour New for 2013 - Behind the Scenes Seal Hospital Tour

Environmental Hero Award
A member of the Animal Care Team, Dan Jarvis, has won a prestigious "Environmental Hero" award.

Dan´s dedication to safeguarding Cornwall´s resident wildlife earned him the accolade in an awards ceremony staged by local Pirate FM Radio.

He was nominated by his boss and Sanctuary colleague Tamara Cooper, Head of the Animal Care Team, who was delighted to see Dan´s selfless devotion to animals receives official recognition.  Click here to read more.
Dan Jarvis has won a prestigious Environmental Hero Award
Sea Lions
André (photo below), a Californian Sea Lion (the noisy one!), Diego and Noito, Patagonian Sea Lions, are all doing really well and looking very handsome.

Did you know that when Diego and Noito are fully grown, they will weigh over ½ ton each.
Andre - Californian Sea Lion
Starsky and Hutch´s watches must be fast because they are always shouting for their food well before it is feeding time and whilst Starsky waits impatiently for the Animal Care Team to arrive, he will find a few small pebbles to try and juggle with.
Here are a selection of photos taken of the Sheep, Goats and Ponies in the Paddock! Just click here or on a picture of your choice to see a larger version.
Paddock Stanley and Bella Bluebell Muffin Bracken
Site Team Member, Alex, is getting the Sanctuary´s picnic areas all ready for Spring.     Don´t worry, Alex did put his ear defenders on.
Alex, Site Team Member
Sanctuary celebrates 55 years of seal rescues 1958 - 2013
This year the Sanctuary celebrates 55 years of seal rescues (1958 - 2013).

Since 1958 the Seal Sanctuary has rescued many creatures each year, they are rehabilitated and where possible released back into the wild.
Sanctuary celebrates 55 years of seal rescues 1958 - 2013
Looking back over the years...Not only has the Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescued pups, there has also been the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of Dolphins. On 22nd August 1992 a young male common dolphin was stranded on a beach near Hayle, he was taken to the Sanctuary, where staff had to support him in the water for 17 hours. Click here to read more.
You can also click here to read about Duchess, a seal pup named after the Duchess of York, she had a dramatic arrival at the Sanctuary, helped by an ex-farmer who loved seals!
Please click here or on a picture of your choice below to see
a larger photo.
Courtney helps to delivery a seal pup at the sanctuary in February 1993 Ken Jones feeding in 1989 Ken Jones moving Magnus into his new home at the Sanctuary in the 90s The successful rehabilitation of a common dolphin, Spirit in August 1992 The successful rehabilitation of a common dolphin, Spirit in August 1992

Adopt an Animal
A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.

Why not adopt a creature and help to maintain first class animal care at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Please click here or send an email or call 01326 221361 for more details.
Gift experiences
Run out of ideas what to get someone for their birthday this year!

Well for £99 a friend or a member of your family or even yourself could be a Keeper for the Day.

They will begin this journey of discovery at the visitor´s centre before any other guest has arrived, where they will receive a copy of the Sanctuary´s guidebook from the helpful ticketing staff.  Click here for more details.
Forthcoming Events
Please note: All Events at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary are subject to change.
Walk for Whales Walk for Whales - 30th June 2013
Come and join the annual five mile sponsored walk and help raise funds for vital whale and dolphin conservation projects around the world.
For more details visit the WDCS Website or Sign up by emailing:-
Meet the Octonauts Meet the Octonauts : 27th July - 4th August 2013
Join the Octonauts for fun-filled activities at the Seal Sanctuary. A visit from Kwazii, Peso or Captain Barnacles (Character visit depends on location). Website:
Pirate Festival Pirate Festive : 10th - 31st August 2013
"Avast me hearty´s" come and join in with the Cornish Pirates for fun and games from treasure hunts to storytelling.
Fun Dog Show with Classes for All Fun Dog Show with Classes for All : 1st September 2013
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is hosting a fun dog show in aid of Merlin´s Magic Wand.
For more details, please contact Eileen on 01326 221 361.
Beach Clean 2013 Beach Watch Big Weekend : 21st and 22nd September 2013 - Time: TBC
Join the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the Marine Conservation Society for our Beach Watch Big Weekend. Beachwatch is a coastal intiative, supporting local individuals, groups and communities in caring for their local shoreline. As adoptees of Gwithian beach, the Beach Watch Big Weekend is an annual flagship event for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.
Otterly Spooky Week Otterly Spooky Week : 26th October - 3rd November 2013 - Time: 10am onwards
Face your fears at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary this Halloween where they are sure you will have an otterly spooky time. The Otters will be hunting for tasty treats in carved pumpkins, but there´s also sneaky treats for visitors which will put your fear factor to the test.
Christmas Extravaganza : 30th November and 1st December 2013 Christmas Extravaganza : 30th November and 1st December 2013 - Time: 10am onwards
Set in a unique location, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary Christmas Fayre promises high quality craft goods, yummy food and most of all, a great festive atmosphere! Not only that, but you can enjoy carolling, face painting, and of course, say "Happy Christmas" to the resident animals and 2013 pups. You might even catch a sneaky peek of Santa and his little helpers.
More details about these forthcoming events, please contact Eileen at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361.

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