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Issue 93
April 2014

new resident - Sunny - Californian Sea Lion
Sunny, a Californian Sea Lion, was born at Wuppertal Zoo in Germany on 27th June 2012.

He lived in a large group of sea lions but as he grew up he could no longer stay with his mother and father due to the chance of breeding and competition within the group.

Also Sunny was being bullied by his older sister and the Zoo was wondering what to do, then they heard that the Cornish Seal Sanctuary was looking for a pool partner for André.

So preparation was made for Sunny to have a new home; he arrived very late in the evening at Gweek on 10th April 2014 after being transported earlier that day from Germany... Click here to learn more about this handsome Sea Lion.

Photo below : Dan, a member of the Animal Care Team, feeding Sunny
Dan, a member of the Animal Care Team, feeding Sunny
Patagonian Sea Lions
Diego (photo below) and Noito, Patagonian Sea Lions are both doing really well and looking very handsome.

Diego looks relaxed and manages to stay on his rock despite Noito and André rushing around in the pool like loons arguing over fish during feeding time.

Did you know that when Diego and Noito are fully grown, they will weigh over ½ ton each.
Diego and Noito, Patagonian Sea Lions
Grey Seal Pool
Ray is really enjoying being back in the convalescent pool after the spending the winter in another enclosure with Snoopy, Fatima and Anneka.

Don´t forget to check out Ray´s facebook page. Click here to catch up with what he is up to.
Pumpkin has moved in with Marlin, Flipper and Yulelogs in their enclosure.

This photo below of Pumpkin was taken a few weeks ago whilst he was in the convalescent pool.

We think Ray had a word with the lovely Animal Care Team asking for Pumpkin to be moved as he wanted the girls in the convalescent pool to himself.
A photo of Pumpkin
Two of the enclosures have been improved....
Outside of the new enclosure
Visitors get a great view of the seals and sea lions....
Outside of the new enclosure
Common Seal
Bo is doing really well and getting bigger, he was 10 months old on the 30th April 2014, hope you all agree, he is still very cute!
Bo, one of Common Seal
Penguins logo
Did you know...when they are warm, the Humbolt Penguins Blush! It helps them to cool down.

During feeding time, the penguins love to drop fish down the Animal Care Team´s wellie boots!

Photo below: Piran, he has paired up with Ivy.

Latest leaflet
The Cornish Seal Sanctuary´s latest leaflet is now available,
Click here to download a printer friendly pdf version.
Rescued seal pups
Earlier this month during the cleaning of the convalescent pool, all the rescued seal pups were weighed to find out which ones ready to be returned to wild.

On 16th April 2014 Wormhole and Venus (photo below) were released back into the wild at Carbis Bay and then the following day Armstrong and Lyra were returned to the wild at Gunwalloe Dollar Cove.
Seal release
Please click on the pups names below to see the latest photos taken on 11th & 12th April 2014:-

Aquarius; Aries; Armstrong ; Astrid; Ayla; Bianca; Callisto; Cassie; Cosmo; Cupid; Europa; Gemini; Gravity; Hubble; IO; Lyra; Mercury; Nebula; Oberon; Pandora; Pollux; Professor Brian; Rose; Rover; Soyuz; Sputnik; Star; Supernova; Ventura and Venus;

As of 30th April, Alien, Aquarius, Aries, Astrid, Atlantis, Ayla, Bianca, Callisto, Cassi, Cosmo, Cupid, Europa, G-Force, Gemini, Gravity, Halley, Hubble, IO , Isis, Juno, Jupiter, Mercury, Nebula, Oberon, Pandora, Pollux, Professor Brian, Quasar, Rocket, Rose, Rover, Star, Skipper, Soyuz, Sputnik, Supernova, Taurus, Titan, Ventura and are still at the Seal Sanctuary. They will stay until they get to their release weight, when they can be returned to the wild, which should be during the next few months.

Photo below : Sputnik
Here is a selection photos taken of all the pups in the convalescent pool during feeding time.

Just click here or on a picture below of your choice to see a larger version.
Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014
Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014 Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014 Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014 Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014 Feeding time in the Convalescent Pool - April 2014
Temporary home for Weymouth SEA LIFE Sanctuary Seals
Starburst, Smartie and Web, three resident Seals from Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park, are currently on their holiday at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

They arrived on 22nd April 2014 and will return Weymouth after their home has been refurbished at the end of May 2014.

Photo below was taken by Hollie Stephenson (Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary).
Photos taken by Hollie Stephenson
Paige, the new Entertainments Team Leader
This is the lovely Paige; the new Entertainments Team Leader, some of you may have known her from Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Paige has been at the Seal Sanctuary since the end of March 2014. Please say hello to her when you visit, Paige will always be happy to answer any questions you have about the Sanctuary and its residents.
Paige, the new Entertainments Team Leader
Moshi Monsters
Katsuma, Poppet and Buster Bumblechops, popular kids characters from "Moshi Monsters", are currently at the Seal Sanctuary until Monday 5th May 2014 so come along and meet them.

Take along your Moshling collectable figures and exchange them for favourites and rarities in the Moshling Swap Zone.
Moshi Monsters
Just click here or on a picture below of your choice to see a larger version.
Paige with the Moshi Monsters Moshi Monsters Moshi Monsters Moshi Monster Moshi Monsters
Tuppence wants to say hello to you all.
Tuppence saying hello

Adopt an Animal
A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.   Why not adopt a creature and help to maintain first class animal care at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. 

Please click here to download the adoption registration form and then send by post or call 01326 221361 and ask to speak to the Adoptions Coordinator.

Can we just point out, please do not send your credit cards details via email but contact the Seal Sanctuary direct by telephone.

Book Discount Tickets in Advance
Don´t forget to purchase your entrance tickets for single admission tickets, family tickets, group tickets, school bookings, etc., on-line in advance and Save Money.

Plus you can also purchase SEA LIFE Annual Passes and Merlin Annual Passes.

When you click here or on the button right, it will take you through to Merlin Entertainments´ Official Cornish Seal Sanctuary website for the Best Price Guarantee.

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