Sanctuary's Latest News Update 31st October 2008

Fatima is very hungry still and is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Lizzie is in love and has now got her first boyfriend at the age of thirty something…and who do you thing the luckily boy is... Ray. These two have been loved up all week, spending lots of time together on the top step, in the caves and on the haul out area. Anneka (right) is a good catch….that's a good catch at getting fish, when the Animal CareTeam throw them in to the pool during feeding time. Sheba is also in love and this year it is with Marlin. Sheba is still squinting and receiving pain killers, but also being very playful with the pups.Anneka
Snoopy Snoopy (left) is a little put out at the moment as we have put a couple of pups in the convalescent pool and they have decided to occupy the nursery pool and Snoopy's bedroom. Ray is all loved up with Lizzie. Marlin is all loved up with Sheba. Attie is a little upset as the raft was already to go in to her pool, but with the pups now in here, she is going to have to wait until the spring.
Luna and Sija's training is continuing to go well, and Sija now found if she stands really tall on her back flippers, she can look through the glass at the Animal Care Team feeding the convalescent pool, and know it is her time next to be fed.

Flipper and Yulelogs both have been really hungry this week and have both been standing on their back flippers looking through the Perspex. Things did get a little more interesting this week when our 'witch' on site lost her hat in the boys pool. Both Flipper and Yulelogs were intrigued by the hat, but did not feel brave enough to try it on.
One of our common seals
FlipperBoadi is still moulting, and are love birds are still getting on well. You might remember earlier in the year that there was a scuffle over the mats, now these two are happy to share and can be found cuddled up together on Rocky's mat.

Chaff was really good in training and even barked at the Animal Care Team when Flipper (left) came up behind the Animal Care Team to try and steal fish. Chaff and Andy were also given a conger eel, which Chaff managed to break out of the ice block, and tried to swallow the whole thing which out much luck.
Sahara (right) is really happy at the moment and is loving the cold weather, as this means his ice doesn't melt as quickly and he gets to spend his time sitting beside it, maybe it is still a little to cold to sit on.

Bamboo was off his food this week but we think we know the reason as the Animal Care Team (plus the rest of the team) forgot Bamboo and Thai's '7th Birthday', so Bamboo was a little cross with everyone. Luckily extra pumpkins were put in their enclosure which made up for it a little bit. As the nights are cold, Thai and Bamboo are having the heat lamp.
ElvisGoats - Elvis (left) thinks he is a little special goat, as the team still give him his treatment everyday, and looks forward to seeing them and making the other goats jealous. Stanley, our sheep, has been moved in with the ponies over night, hopefully this will help with the 'pounds' issue. Ponies - As the weather is a little cold, we will have suspended the shampoo of Tuppance. Poor Bracken tries very hard to be a good Shetland pony, but is always disappointed. This week he bit Stanley, but all he got was a mouth full of wool.

Reef, our cat, has got his winter coat and is all big and fluffy.
April is doing well in the convalescent pool and has managed to put on another ½ kilo in weight, at this rate she will be ready for release at 2009! Pallin is also in the convalescent pool and having a great time with all the other seals. Skittles (right) is a greedy little seal and made herself a little green as she over indulged on fish. She keeps stealing all the bits of fish left over by Fairy and Chomp. Hubbard is making ghostly noises in the hospital, and has fully moulted. He also loves the herring in water. Milo is competing against Hubbard to see who can make the loudest ghostly noises. Photo of Skittles was taken by Marco Buffoli during his visit
Oscar Oscar (left) was rescued on 27th October 2008 from Portreath due to a public disturbance; and had a couple of old wounds that had nearly healed and a scratch to his right eye. Oscar also had a snotty nose, and is self feeding. Oscar was so dehydrated that will thought he was a boy, turns out he is a girl, but still called Oscar.

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