Update 31st August 2007

Magnus has spent the week sleeping heavily but still wakes to the sound of the gate opening.

Lizzie has recovered from the playful bites Marlin gave her last week. She can also been found hanging out with Sheba on the steps at feeding time.

Fatima is very hungry at the moment but could still be found winding up Snoopy on a daily basis.

Anneka missed out on her pill fish earlier in the week, as it was stolen by a sea gull. She was given another fish later in the day with her iron and multi vitamin tablets.

Sheba is hanging out on the steps, soaking up the sunshine.

Snoopy is spending lots of time in nursery pool 2, by herself enjoying the quiet time.

Ray is hanging out in nursery pool 1, just to annoy Snoopy in nursery pool 2.

Marlin is still doing the training and will touch the Animal Care Team welly boot with his nose.

Attie has been encouraging the Animal Care Team to play with her, when they are cleaning the haul out area. Attie like to be dunked underwater, and comes back again and again for more.

Flipper did have a lump on the bottom of his back, but a course of antibiotics have cleared this up and he is back to his normal self. Yulelog is doing a little better with his training, and will even let the Animal Care Team touch his flippers, but not for to long, as he is still a little edgy.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam are now completely moulted have nice new coats and look very handsome, as quoted by a member of the Animal Care Team I will reframe from naming names "If I was a Common Seal, I would fancy them". Sahara may possibly be losing his hair, as he has gone a brown colour. But we will just have to wait and see.

Rocky had a very exciting weekend scarring the volunteers by chasing them around the enclosure with his month open.

It was pool cleaning time again this week, and Carus tried to help but cleaning is not one of his skills. Boadi on the other hand spent the week sleeping on the haul out area, snoring very loudly. The noise is another to rival Rocky's barking.

Mika has been playing Frisbee with the Animal Care Team during the day. Chaff has been trying to scare Rocky by running at him on the haul out area. Rocky being blind, doesn't care either way. As soon as Chaff starts running, Mika chases after him as if to say where are we going what are we up to….

We had a power cut this week which made the otter pool over flow and flood the enclosure. Both Bamboo and Thai thought this was great fun and when the gate was opened for feeding time, a stone got trapped under the gate, so the Animal Care Team couldn't close it behind them. Thai and Bamboo saw an opportunity and took advantage of it, by getting through the gate and in to the escape area. Here they tried to climb up the fence and escape. Luckily peanuts and treats were enough to get both back in their enclosure.

Goats have being doing lots of sunbathing, and enjoying looking at the chaos going on in the field opposite.

Ponies - All hell broke loose this week, when a dog decided to chase the ponies around the field. The ponies scared decided to bolt and broke through the fences and went off around site. Luckily the ponies were ok after their adventure and they were returned safely to their paddock.

Reef, the cat, went to the vets last week and is going back again. Reef doesn't mind the vet; he just doesn't like the trip there.

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