Seal Bay opens 28th July 2004
Seal Bay was officially opened by local MP for Falmouth and Camborne, Candy Atherton.
Candy feeds Flipper in Seal Bay
Candy said that the last time she opened a pool
(we would like to point out, it was not a pool at the Sanctuary!)
She was thrown in fully clothed . . .
Candy hoped this was not going to happen this time!
If you would like more information about Seal Bay and the opening, please click here.
Ray and Marlin are play fighting with each other. Frodo is still lonely so he will be moved up to the round pool with Ray. Marlin keeps playing with the hose in the convalescence pool and getting tangled up in it, but its not hurting him. Ray is trying to bite the animal care team during the talks.
Animal Care Team have been digging up crabs for Thai and Bamboo and they love chasing them around the enclosure.
Pepper is being wicked to Rocky, if the Animal Care Team give them a conger eel at feeding time, Pepper runs off and hides it, Rocky being blind can't find it and chases Pepper round the pool until he does.

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