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Issue 44
9th May -
30th June 2010

Thank You!
As you can all see from the dates it is a little while since our last update so apologies and thank you for staying with us! May and June are normally quiet months here at the Sanctuary as most of the pups will have been released and the Animal Care Team are making preparations for the next rescue season.

Common seal rescue season has started so don’t forget to check out Oban and Hunstanton Sanctuaries for information on any new arrivals.
Sahara´s Challenge
The challenge to walk the ten highest mountain in the UK in 48 hours has taken place, well done to Tamara, Chris, James and Al!

Not all the mountains were covered within the 48 hours but a sterling effort was made by all, once all sponsorship had been collected we will let you all know how much was raised.
Pup News
Neville, Norris, Tonks and Ronnie were all released on the Wednesday 16th June 2010 on the North Coast. The girls (Tonks and Ronnie) were quickest back into the sea with Neville lagging behind. Clare was at the Sanctuary bright and early (5.30am) despite having only just returned from the Isle of Wight music festival the day before, that’s what you call dedication!

The collage of photos below were taken by Simon Bone. Click on this link to see more photos of the seal release.
Photos taken by Simon Bone -
Gilderoy is our last remaining pup and is now feeding well and up to a good 39 kilos in weight, he moved into the Convalescent Pool today (30th June 2010) and we hope to release within the next couple of weeks.

We will now be looking for a theme for pup names for the coming season, any suggestions gratefully received!
Rock Pool
Don’t forget to visit our rock pool when you come to the Sanctuary, and if you are brave enough hold one of our crabs or starfish! Mike (our resident Mullet) is on hand to ensure all our rock pool residents behave themselves!
A young visitor holding Mike - Are you brave as well?
Resident News
Convalescent Pool: On the 29th June 2010 Marlin was moved from the Convalescent Pool into the Sanctuaries Grey seal bachelor pad!

Marlin has been particularly bad tempered this pup season and it was felt he would be happier in with our two resident Grey Seal males, Flipper and Yulelog, the move went well and Marlin has settled in nicely.

Snoopy has found a new friend, her and Gilderoy are now firm friends.

Nursery Pool 1-4: Are now open to the Convalescent Pool.

Grey Seals: Flipper is currently a bit grumpy after Clare decided to make him work for his dinner! Fish poles were the order of the day and Flipper had to do some swimming before he got his fish, he continues to pester the team during pool cleaning and likes sneaking up behind them, very amusing!

Sea Lions: Noito, Diego and André are all loving the sun and spend a lot of time basking, training continues and the boys are getting on well although still very boisterous which keeps the team on their toes.

Otters: Starsky and Hutch are currently trying to decide who is boss, they have had some arguments but are now friends again.

Wildlife: Henry our regular visiting Heron hadn’t been spotted in a while until a male Heron turned up with a female, Henrietta, we are hoping they are now nesting in the estuary. And we might soon see some chicks. The baby ducks born on the estuary are growing fast and can be seen waddling across the estuary.
Henry the Heron
The sheep have now been sheared and are looking very well in their nice short coats, definitely an improvement since the weather has been so hot recently.
Penguins logo
Our five resident penguins have settled in well and are all hand feeding from the Animal Care Team.

Following an amazing response from our visitors we now have lots of names to choose from so hopefully our four chicks will soon have names, however, it´s a tough decision so watch this space!

Blue chick is really confident and is always trying to be helpful(!) when the team are cleaning their pool.

Q:    What do penguins have for lunch?
A:    Icebergers!!!
Blue chick
Last year the Sanctuary helped fundraise for the WDCS Walk for Whales (picture right), this year´s event is taking place on
Sunday 4th July 2010 at 10.30am,
if you would like to get involved go to

This is a dog friendly walk so please bring yours along.
(Back row): Elieen Keiling, James Hankin, Tamsin, (Second row): John Keiling, Emma Wilson, Kirsty, Laura Ward, Kathy Brown, Hannah Rabey,(Front row): Elaine Taylor, Lauren Taylor, Paul Edwards, Sharon Edwards
Animal Adoptions and Donations
Adoptions start from £25, click on this link for more information or email the adoption coordinator at

It can cost up to £1000+ to rescue rehabilitate and release a grey seal pup. Help Us to Help Them.

If you would like to donate now click on this link.