Update 30th June 2006

Magnus had big treat this week of conger eel and squid. He has also been finishing his fish and swimming to the middle of the pool, to get extra fish. Poor Magnus also received a bit of a shock this week. After spending the afternoon sleeping at the bottom of the pool, Magnus came up to the surface and couldn’t lift his head. Luckily the problem was easy to fix. What had occurred was that the raft that is in the convalescence pool: had drifted over to Magnus’s corner. As Magnus made his way up to the top, he couldn't understand why he could only get so far, after lots of bobbing up and down, the raft finally moved and Magnus could heave himself out onto the side.

Anneka, Sheba and Fatima were treated to conger eel as well this week. Fatima took her piece straight in to the caves, and was closely followed by Anneka. Even though both Anneka and Fatima already had apiece each, they fought over the third piece until Fatima won.

Snoopy, old slow coach herself, missed out on her conger eel and shot out on to the side of the pool and sulked all afternoon.

Ray has been doing lots of bobbing in the middle of the pool, and trying to help the Animal Care Team (ACT) with cleaning the pool. Ray likes to grab the hose and will not let go until the team has sprayed him with the hose (he especially like to have the hose sprayed in his mouth).

With fewer pups in the convalescence pool, Marlin is now catching more fish and has put on lots of weight. Before the team do a feed, every seal get a special fish. This contains any medication the seals need. The team call out the seal's name so they can come and get their pill fish. Marlin tries to get extra fish by jumping out the pool not only to his name but to all the other names the team shout out.

Attie is loving the new raft and now has commandeered it off the pups. Attie will not move off the raft even when the pool is being cleaned, she is also putting on weight now we have less pups in the pool.

Flotsam is really enjoying his training this week and doing well. The ACT are going to introduce some new training for these two, perhaps try a feed ball again – as they were scared off it the last time it was tried. Both were also given a treat of squid, much to the disgust of Flotsam as he took one taste and didn’t like it. Jetsam forced it down after a couple of tries, and now loves squid.

Yulelog has put on more weight this week, and seems to be getting back to normal. Both were also treated to conger eel, and Flipper managed to hold on to his conger eel this time.

Rocky and Pepper also had conger eel this week, which they both really enjoyed. Rocky made a point of trashing it around the pool.

The ACT made a squid feed ball for Carus. Carus put his eye up to the hole, took one look at what was inside and went back in the water. After the feed, Carus was still hungry and forced down the squid. He has also been given a conger eel in an ice block for enrichment. This frustrated the fur off Carus as he is normally given it so he can eat it straight away, this time he had to wait for the ice to melt before he could get at it.

Mika is back to being her good little self this week, after being naughty last week. Chaff is getting a bit fed up with his training, so the ACT are going to introduce some new tasks.

Bamboo is now fully recovered from his bee sting, and our otters are enjoying the new wild flowers in their enclosure. How do we know they like the flowers? Because they haven’t destroyed them – yet!

All the ponies have had their feet trimmed and been wormed as well this week.

Priscilla has nearly finished moulting. All the goats have been wormed this week and had their nettles trimmed. All have been moulting, and leaving their hair on the fences around their enclosure.

New Resident The Cat: Thank you to everyone who emailed with a new name for our cat. Leigh and Hannah aged 14 and 12 suggested ‘Surfer’, thank you. The name the ACT thought really suited the cat would be ‘Reef’, which also came in by email. On Thursday morning we let ‘Reef’ out to explore the Sanctuary, as yet we haven’t seen him, so anybody visiting, please let us know if you see Reef.

Photo of Reef, our resident cat - was taken by Rachael Vine

PUPS: Spingo, Bock and Ginger are nearly up to release weight and should be going out in the next few weeks. Bogart is still doing well on a day to day basis. All the other pups continue to put on weight slowly.

Wilson, Speckle, Bess and Storm were all released at Porthtowan on Wednesday morning at 7am. The ACT had hat tagged three of them but Bess’s hat fell off in the nursery pool, so she just went out with glue on her head. Speckle went out with no hat; Wilson was hat tagged ‘J2’ and Storm ‘C4’. All went off OK, with a little bit of hesitation, and started to head off in wrong direction before realising the sea was in the other direction, and went straight for it. Two of them spent sometime surfing in on the waves. Five minutes after they went, a pod of eight bottlenose dolphins turned up to meet them.

Photo of Wilson (wearing hat tag ID J2) was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Storm (wearing hat tag ID C4) was by Rachael Vine
Photo of Bess was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Speckle was by Rachael Vine

Shark in Trouble: After being in since 6am that morning, we received a call from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team, about a Basking shark that was in trouble. Abi and Rachael both headed out to Coverack to meet up with ‘JOSH’ the BDMLR's RIB, and other members to find the Basking shark. After 2 hours of looking, there was no sign of the shark in distress, but we did see around 20 other basking shark’s out in the bay. On Thursday there were more reports of a basking shark in trouble, up the coast which we think was the same shark. As yet we have had no follow up with regards to the shark, but will keep you informed when we hear something. To see more photos of the release, click on the following link to take you to Karl Wheston's excellent website www.karlw.fotopic.net.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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