Update 30th March 2007

Magnus is feeding in the pool and is continuing to do lots of splashing in the hope of more fish. He is also really annoyed at the ladies, who are crowding around him in the hope of sharing his lunch.

Lizzie is very hungry at the moment and is coming out into the side of the pool for fish. She can also be found sleeping on the side of the pool with her tongue poking out. Fatima is another hungry lady and is spending time sitting by Magnus and its not his company she is after…(but his fish).


Anneka is being really cheeky and still spending lots of time playing with Ray. She is also being very nosy and likes to get in on everything the Animal Care Team are doing.

Sheba is not spending time with Marlin anymore, but Marlin seems unfazed by this. This week she is a very grumpy lady and the Animal Care Team have to keep a close eye on her, as she is a little bit bitey, and also doesn’t like anybody near her gate.

Snoopy has nearly finished, just the rear flipper to go, which seem to be taking ages, but this has still not improve her mood. She has also become very fussy at feeding time and will only eat herring.

Ray is being a nightmare during pool cleaning and keeps trying to take the hose, he has also been tormenting Snoopy and Anneka.

Marlin is doing lots of backstroke this week, up and down the pool. There were also a couple of close calls for the Animal Care Team during cleaning time with teeth and legs (seal's teeth and people's legs, not the other way round).

Attie is spending time sleeping on the steps half of her body in the water the other half in the air. She is also being very attentive towards the pups and can be found haul out together at the end of the day.

Yulelog is still moulting and is scrapping with Flipper, but he is going out onto the side of the pool to see people. Flipper is doing lots of sleeping, and when he is not sleeping, he is annoying Logs.

Flotsam and Jetsam both have gone off their fish and are very UN-interested in doing any training, because they are too fat, now they have their pool back to themselves.

Rocky is eating ok, and we are now on count down to moving Rocky back in to the new pool.

Carus has had his pool cleaned, and was trying to be helpful, but turned out to be very unhelpful, by sitting on the hose, or trying to take it off the Animal Care Team.

Rocky in his temporary home

Mika and Chaff both are making lots of noises, and doing lots of playing with each other. They are also joining the Animal Care Team for games during and outside feed times.

The lovely sunshine is great for Thai and Bamboo, our otters, and they have been using their pool a lot more this week. They have also been adding to the stone collection in the bottom of the pool.

The goats have been enjoying lots of walks around site, which are keeping their feet nice and trim.

Ponies - Steve McQueen is back again and has been found on site more than once this week. We have now reinforced the fence and extra food has been given in the hope that it won’t happen again.

Reef, our cat, has been down at the pool during cleaning but has been disappearing a lot now more visitors are coming to the Sanctuary.


Convalescence Pool
We are now down to twenty pups in this pool, with some more ready for release after the Easter Holidays.

All the seal pups were keen to leave the trailer -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine

Release of Narla, Woody, Pugwash, Yogi and Pilchard were released on Monday morning (26th of March 2007) at Portreath. Due to Narla being such a young age when she came into the Sanctuary, we decided to release her with a hat tag. Narla’s hat tag is pink (previous years we have used yellow hats) with the number ‘02’ on it. The trip down to the beach was quite excitable, and all five got more excited when we came down over the hill, and they smelt the sea air, nothing was going to stop them.

Down on the beach the door of the trailer was let down and Narla was the first out the trailer and in to the water, followed closely by the other four. If anyone spots Narla, or any of the other pups out in the wild, please call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361.

Narla -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine

Hospital pen 4: On Monday evening (26th March 2007) the Sanctuary received telephone call from a lady and her grandchildren about a seal on the beach at Mousehole. With the information she provided, Maz and Franzy headed out with rescue kit and cage. When they arrived and looked down onto the beach, they could see that the pup was very small and it was decided to bring the pup back to the Sanctuary. This pup was put into Hospital 4 and weighed. The pup weighed 18 kilos and is aged about 3 months. For a pup this age, it should weigh around 40 kilos, meaning this pup was malnourished; it also had lots of puncture wounds to flipper and grazes to the belly. It also had a swollen jaw and a very high temperature. It was given fluids and injections of medication to bring the temperature down and wounds were cleaned and treated. The pup is a little girl and has been called Tiger Lilly.

Tiger Lilly

UPDATE: Tiger Lilly has now moved on to whole fish and is feeding very well for herself. She will need to put on 5-6 kilos in the hospital, before being moved outside.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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