All events for 2007 at the National Seal Sanctuary
JANUARY: In January we lost our female Californian Sea lion, Pepper, and grey seal rescue season was still in full swing with pup rescues thirty three and thirty four in January. Pepper
FEBUARY: In February saw both some more bad news when our curator of seals Glenn Boyle, left the sanctuary to start a new life in Canada with his family, but luckily we had some good news on the horizon when we started work on Rocky's new pool. Glenn Boyle
MARCH: In March we said good bye to little Ed, a common seal we were looking after for Weymouth Sea life park, who was sent to Gweek as it had problems learning to feed himself. Now fit and well it was to return to Weymouth.Little Ed, Common Seal
APRIL: In April Rocky moved back in to his brand new pool, which he was other the moon about and settled in very well. We also saw another two arrivals at the Sanctuary the first was Sahara the hooded seal, and the second was Boadi, a new partner for Carus, our Southern Sea Lion.
Rocky's new enclosureSahara Boadicea kisses Carus
MAY: In May Bamboo and Thai both had operation, and both came through it very well.
JUNE: In June Sahara started to grow fur (he was completely bald when he arrived) and now things look every closer for his release.
JULY: July saw the last of our rescued pups going through their finally stages of rehabilitation, and all the other residents doing well in their training.

AUGUST: We started husbandry training with some of the residents in the convalescent pool, and Sahara looked like he may start to lose his hair, but we all kept our fingers crossed.
Pluto (left) and Olive (right) - photo was taken by Rachael Vine and Megan Charity
SEPTEMBER: September arrived and went with no rescues of pups, and so a slow start to the rescue season.
OCTOBER: October saw our first rescue of the season, named Malcolmina after our Site Foreman. It also saw the release of Sahara off the coast of Scotland. Plus Flotsam and Jetsam leave the Sanctuary, and two new common seals arrived in their place, Luna and Sija.
Minarelease of Sahara off the north coast of Scotland Flotsam and JetsamLuna (left) and Sija (right) at the Sanctuary
NOVEMBER: November brought more rescued seal pups into the Sanctuary, as the weather got worse. It also saw a familiar flipper being rescued in Spain as Sahara made his way from Scotland to Europe heading in the wrong direction.
DECEMBER: December seem on the whole to be a quietish month. But we still continued to help the grey seals and also saw the return of Sahara back to the Sanctuary from Spain.Sahara is back at the Sanctuary


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