Update 29th December 2005


Fawn was rescued on 15th December from Porthgwarra, St Ives after being spotted by BDMLR Co-ordinator Tim Bain looking malnourished and weak. Tim stayed with Fawn until the animal care team arrived and she was then taken back to the hospital for vital fluids and treatment. Fawn had relatively few injuries but was very weak and required glucose in her fluids to pick her up. She also was suffering from patchy hair loss on her head and back. With no obvious cause Fawn’s blood has been tested for thyroid conditions that may cause hair loos. In the meantime, as a precaution, Fawn has been started on a course of antibiotics.

Fawn in one of the hospital pensWombat in one of the hospital pens

Wombat was rescued on 19th December from Porthgwarra in a malnourished state with bite wounds to his flippers, a respiratory infection and an ulcerated eye. A week later his wounds are largely healed, his breathing is improving and his eye is being treated with antibiotic eye drops. He has learnt to feed himself quickly and waits very impatiently by jumping up at the gate for his fish.

Wilson was rescued on 22nd December from Harlyn Bay by the RSPCA weighing just 14 kilos. He was dehydrated and was suffering from a respiratory infection. Wilson was put onto a course of antibiotics and his breathing is becoming clearer every day. He has learnt to feed himself quickly.

Wilson in one of the hospital pensSpeckle in one of the hospital pens

Speckle was rescued from Mutton Cove, Godrevy on 28th December when she was spotted from the top of the cliff with fishing netting entangled around her body. BDMLR volunteers organised Speckles rescue and cut the netting off to find that the resulting injuries were relatively minor and she had been spotted just in time. More concerning was the ulceration to her right eye for which she would require treatment for. Back at the hospital Speckle’s wounds were cleaned and she is now receiving a course of antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops.

Humbug was also rescued on 28th December from Porthgwarra. Humbug had been spotted on Boxing Day and as there were no obvious cause for concern he was given a full tidal cycle to see if he would return to the sea by himself. After not hearing about him the following day it was presumed that he had gone back out, but the animal care team received a call on the 28th and Claire went to investigate. Humbug was found to be in relatively good condition, he had a cough but was obviously exhausted as he made no effort to move when approached by Claire. The decision was made to bring Humbug in for fluids and precautionary treatment. Since arriving at the hospital Humbug has slept solidly only waking to have his fluids tube fed and his medication administered.

Humbug in one of the hospital pensDoom in one of the hospital pens

Doom went into the vets last week as his flipper wound was not healing properly. After a series of x-rays it was found that two of his toes were fractured and would require amputation. After the operation Doom made a quick recovery and is now feeding well and the surgical wound is healing well.

Hobson also underwent an operation last week to remove two rotten teeth. The operation went well and Hobson recovered quick enough to eat for himself the following day. His mouth is being kept clean after every feed with saline and antiseptic mouth spray.

After receiving a clean bill of health, Pumpkin has been moved into nursery 1 along with Slip, Scrumpy, Skiff, Bob and Quinn who have all been moved to the nursery pools from the hospital.

Shambles has also been moved to nursery 4 along with Bess who are learning to feed in the water together. Both are still receiving treatment.

All the pups in the convalescent pool are feeding well and putting on weight.

So far this season, we have rescued 22 grey seal pups. To read more about the rescues click here

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