Update 29th September 2006

Magnus taken up residence in nursery pool 2This week Magnus has moved out of his corner and has now taken up residence in nursery pool 2. The reason for this was that either Ray or Marlin bit Magnus on the nose, so with his scar he headed for the nursery pool, but he seems quite happy in there. The Animal Care Team (ACT) never forgets Magnus, he gets the personal touch during feeding time. Magnus being fed by Tamara

Snoopy has been hanging out with Magnus, she is also being a naughty seal and spiting out her pill fish, but is feeding in the water.

Lizzie has been hanging out with Atlanta this week.

Fatima has been very hungry and very perky. The ACT has described her as being just like a spring chicken.

Anneka has been very jealous of Ray and Sheba, but she is also doing lots of lying and sleeping on her back with her flippers straight by her side.

Sheba is still doing lots of ‘snuggling’ with Ray and sometimes, but not very often Marlin will get a look in.

Ray has been very quiet. We think he used up all his energy swimming last week, he didn’t even have the energy to annoy the ACT when they cleaned the pool this week. Ray has managed to save a little bit of energy for Sheba. After last week’s antics, Marlin has sensed that Ray is short of energy. So this week Marlin has been stocking up on fish, so when Ray becomes too tired, Marlin can slip in there with Sheba. Marlin has also taken over Magnus’s corner, Marlin either thinks that Magnus is being very tolerant of him, or Marlin was the one that bit him and he knows he has retreated to the nursery pools.

Attie has not yet been provided with a new raft, but the ACT are trying to find a suitable replace meant.

Flotsam is not very hungry at the moment, but is still doing lots of grunting. Jetsam is very very hungry at the moment.

E MinorAlthough “E” Minor looks so sweet, he has been chasing sea gulls this week and is always first in line at the gate for feeding. He still enjoys riding along on Jetsam and Flotsam's backs up and down the pool. Little Ed is going to be weighed at the weekend. E Minor riding along on the back of Fotsam and Jetsam

Flipper has been trying to get the ACT this week. Every time they go into the enclosure, he pulls his head back into his body and starts hissing at them. Yulelog had some frozen conger eel which he really enjoyed; he has also been rolling off the side of the pool after feeding and been receiving a round of applause from our visitors.

Pepper is still off her food, so she is not receiving her arthritis treatment, the ACT are having to administer her medication another way. Rocky has been extra hungry this week, so he has been treated to some squid which he really enjoys, but not as much as conger eel!

Carus has been given some extra conger eel this week, and his big feed ball, he has also been chasing those pesky sea gulls off his rock.

Mika’s training has been slow over the summer due to the fact that she is easily distracted, and the large number of visitors at the Sanctuary has been much more interesting to her than training, so we are now doing some more training with her. Chaff is doing really well in training and will now respond to hand signals rather then vocal commands. Tamara is teaching him to move backwards.

Bamboo had a fit this week and has been diagnosed as having epilepsy which he is now being treated for and will be monitored closely. After Bamboo had had his fit, we separated them both to keep an eye on him. When we reunited the two, Thai was all over Bamboo, so we know she does really care about him.

After saving a field for the ponies this week, they were let into it with its lush green grass. Now the ponies are waiting by the gate every morning and run into the field to start eating.

The goats have been giving some brambles this week, and have been upset by the strong winds and having to shelter from them.

After last week Reef has forgiven the ACT in trying to catch him and give him his flea treatment, unfortunately the ACT have not forgotten he needs it.

Roo in the hospital pen - photo was taken on 30th September 2006

Roo, our first new pup for 2006/07 rescue season, has now finished the fish soup and is being force feed fish, this will teach him now to feed. We have also now taken his wellie away and been replacing it with fish tails, so he needs to concentrate on fish. Roo has now lost most of his white hair and all he has left is a white bottom.

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