Update 29th June 2007

Magnus has been very active this week and has even managed to splash a few visitors in the hope that the Animal Care Team will feed him extra fish. Magnus has also had a problem with the other residents and pups that are in the convalescent pool as they are all crowding around his bucket of fish.

Fatima has been very hungry this week, so much that when a seagull went to steal her fish, she nearly ate the seagull. With Fatima winning against the seagulls, Sheba is losing out as the gulls are stealing most of her fish at feeding time. Lizzie is suffering from a poorly nose where Fatima accidentally bit it.

Anneka is not very hungry at the moment and is also being picky with her pill fish, and also spinning around during the talks and showing off to all the visitors. Anneka was also doing an impression of Gene Kelly (Singin' in the Rain), when somebody lost their umbrella in the pool and Anneka managed to get it, but was very reluctant to give it up.

Even though for the moment the underwater viewing is closed at the convalescent pool, Snoopy was putting on a show in front of the windows for the Animal Care Team including blowing bubbles. She has also been chasing the fish around the nursery pools during feeding time.

Ray is always waiting by the gate during feeding time, he is either a greedy seal, a seal who is looking for the opportunity to breakout, or is just being Ray and saying "Hello" to our visitors in his own way.

This week it was Marlin's turn to be a pillow for the pups, and like Magnus last week was unconcerned about the pups sleeping on him.

Atlanta is loving her raft, but is having a little bit of competition from the pups, but the pups are not winning.

Flotsam is doing lots of belly slapping and howling, as it is the start of the common seal breeding season. Sahara can be found upside down during pool cleaning lying on his back. He loves it when the Animal Care Team put the hose on his belly as he then rubs his belly with his flipper.

Rocky was really quite unhappy with the rain this week, but his mood improved towards the end of the week. As the sun came out, he could go back to basking in the sunshine on the side of the pool.

Boadi's training is going well and she will now jumps off Carus's jumping rock. Carus seems '…am I bothered?...' attitude, because he is in love with Boadi. Both can be seen giving each other kisses and high 5's at the end of feeding time.

Mika has been up to no good again this week, chasing Chaff during pool cleaning and teasing him, he managed to get his own back by not responding to her playful antics, then after 10 minutes turned around and scared her, giving her the shock of her life and falling in to the pool, luckily it was not that far and she was unhurt, but it did put a stop to her teasing Chaff. Mika has also been playing with the Frisbee. And couldn't understand why she couldn't pick it up when it was flat om the ground. In the end she gave up, rested her head on it and looked at Abi as if to say "I want to get it but it's to difficult, please help".

Thai and Bamboo, out of all the residents, these two are the only ones that really do enjoy the rain, as this floods their enclosure making muddy puddles and mud slides.

All the goats have ventured out between the showers to enjoy an afternoon walk, but have spend most of the week hiding from the rain.

Ponies: Number of days with out an escape 31. All the ponies are quiet and have been also hiding from the rain.

We think Reef, our cat, has been doing his Elma Fudd impression and hunting rabbits…


Convalescence Pool
Tiger Lilly has nearly finished her molt. Pluto is still shouting at the top of his voice. Tiger Lilly, Pluto, Olive, Boss and Eve are putting on weight with two to be released back into the wild in the next week or two.

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