Update 29th April 2005

This week Magnus has been centre of attention as we are celebrating his 37th birthday! In human terms this would make Magnus nearly 80 years old. Magnus is taking this all in his usual stride and this week even posed in the sunshine for his picture to be taken for the local newspapers.

All the convalescent resident seals are putting on weight now that most of the pups have been released. Snoopy and Fatima in particular are now catching up with the rather round Anneka, Lizzie, Attie and Ray.

Sheba’s eyes are now much better after a course of pain relief. However, the animal care team anticipate a few more eye problems as Sheba and Marlin are in love once more and Marlin can get a little boisterous at times! If Marlin is not sitting with Sheba, the animal care team can guarantee that he is pestering Magnus who is usually just wanting a quiet kip.

Ray has been loving the sunshine at the sanctuary this week and by mid-afternoon can be seen lying blissfully on his back soaking up the rays.

Flotsam and Jetsam’s training is coming along really well. Both now happily come out on the side of the pool at feed times to allow their flippers and body to be checked over by the animal care team. This will mean that any minor wounds can easily be cleaned on the side of the pool rather than having to restrain the seals.

This week Flipper and Yulelogs’ training has been a little unpredictable. They have been in high spirits chasing each other for fish at feed times. This means that Flipper, in particular, has been a little cheeky, keeping the animal care team on their toes!

Pepper’s appetite is unstoppable this week, so much so that she has been testing Rocky’s patience at feed times by stealing his fish! No one gets in the way of Rocky and his fish, and as a result, she has received a couple of bite wounds on her bottom for her troubles. The animal care team have cleaned the wounds up for her and she is absolutely fine but may think twice before taking Rocky’s fish again!

Carus and Dipsy are very much in love again. So much so that the unthinkable has happened…Carus has been off his food!!! The animal care team have laid bets on how long this will last, the longest being 2 days!!

The otters have been very well behaved this week, which always makes the animal care team suspicious! They have been eating all of their food which means, perhaps temporarily, the scavenging heron has disappeared. Thai in particular has been very friendly, and this week it has been Bamboo who has been a little grumpy with Thai but only when guarding his share of the food! On a veterinary note, the faecal samples taken last week have revealed that both Thai and Bamboo are clear of worms.

Tuppence, Braken and Muffin have all now settled down nicely. All three ponies are now happily grazing together. Muffin’s feet are getting much stronger as she is being treated everyday with hoof hardener when she comes off the field. Due to her impaired vision, Muffin has taken a few weeks to learn the boundaries of the paddock but now rushes out of the yard in the morning with the other ponies.

This week the animal care team think the goats have been busy planning their escape. Whilst out on a leisurely walk Priscilla acted as decoy by tangling up Claire with her lead rope whilst Elvis made a break for it. Luckily their plan was foiled as Elvis’ stomach got the better of him as he stopped for a nibble!


Teign, Brant and Lune’s release has been put back due to gales force winds forecast this week. The animal care team hope to release them next week instead. It is hoped that Tees, Clifford and Don who are quickly putting on weight will also be released next week.

Now the only pups in the pool, Taw, Dee, Wiske and Lew are also putting on weight quickly and their releases can also soon be planned for. All four seals have taken a dislike to the two heron’s who sit on the side of the pool and steal fish. Dee has taken it into his own flippers to chase the heron’s away, much to the amusement of the sanctuary’s visitors!

Gannel has now been weighed and is still a little below the target weight of 30kg for being moved into the convalescent pool. But he is still feeding well and definitely keen to get involved as he was trying to help Claire clean his pool by chewing on the end of her brush.

All pups in the pox pool are now largely recovered from their pox lesions and are feeding well. Unfortunately, Bubbles is again suffering from an infected jaw and is being treated with antibiotics to clear up the suspected secondary infection.

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