Weekly News Update w/e 29th February 2008

After 3 weeks of sleeping on the side of the pool in front of the gate, Magnus now has lots of energy and has spent the last week all loved up with Fatima, splashing at feeding time in the corner of the pool, and giving the baby seals what for when they get too close.

Fatima is very happy this week, now Magnus is taking an interest in her, and she has abandoned Sheba to be with him.
Now Sheba has been abandoned by Fatima and Magnus has chosen HER over Sheba, Sheba has now gone back to Marlin.

Marlin has nearly fully moulted and just have a little patch of fur on his back which is still sporting a brown patch. Marlin is also happy to have his girlfriend back.

Lizzie this week has had a brief encounter with Ray, but as yet not started fully moulting.

Ray is also late in starting to moult, but happy to be with Lizzie.

Anneka has not yet started to moult, but has been very nosey this week, with all the movements of pups.

Snoopy has completed moulted and has now taken up Magnus's position in front of the gate. Think she is keeping an eye on Magnus.

Both Luna and Sija are getting a little bit annoyed with the pups that are still in their pool, and chasing them all around the pool. Hopefully the pups will be moved in to the convalescent pool soon.

Flipper has been funny with food over the last few weeks, refusing both the mackerel and herring. Now Flipper is back to normal and eating all the fish we give him, but not doing his training. Yulelogs is being a really good boy and doing well with his training.

Rocky can still be found sleeping by the pump room, and he now likes to lean up against the wall. Sahara is continuing with his training and gets a little over excited with it. He doesn't like it when the animal care team clean the pool and will sit on the drain and whinge.

Boadi is doing well with her training but can be a little stubborn if she does not want to do it, and it is normally a case of who will give in first, and it is normally Boadi who will go back in the pool.

Chaff has been learning to stand in one place while the animal care team go in to the enclosure, this is going well but we have not yet gone in with a bucket, as the bucket will be taken and returned to animal care team full of holes. Mika is doing well with her training and both were treated to ice blocks. They were given these when everybody had left as they tend to throw it out of the enclosure.

After the animal care team spends hours planting the new shrubs in their enclosure, the veg has taken a little bit of wear and tear. Thai and Bamboo have been doing training and Thai will now let you hold on to her front paws and stroke her tummy. They were treated to some mackerel tails. Thai has also got a new pet, as she has a new toad she likes to carry around with her.

The goats have been out for lots of walks this week, and even Elvis is now being let of his lead. He does get a little distracted and sometimes get left behind and has a little bit of a panic when he can't see the animal care team. Luckily the team don't go too far and he soon catches up with them.

The ponies are planning something. Bracken has been spotted keeping an eye out. While Tuppence keeps an eye out at the top of the field. Unfortunately they were spotted by the animal care team and Bracken made a dash for it up the field, and Tuppence chased Muffin in to the stable like she had done something wrong.

Reef, our cat, has been out chasing the bunny rabbits, and receiving cuddles from the animal care team.
This season's rescued seal pups
Hospital - New Pup
On Saturday 23rd of February 2008, we received a call about a seal in Newquay. The team went out and found a very malnourished pup on the beach, and decided to bring it back to the Sanctuary. Back at the Sanctuary the pup was weighed and found to be only 18.5 kilos, this pup is around 4 months old and at that age should be around double that weight. The pup was very malnourished and dehydrated a few wounds and worn teeth. His wounds were cleaned and he was given fluid, to rehydrate him. Normally with pups they would have just 24 hours of fluids but with this one he was very dehydrated and so he was given fluids for another 24 hours. He has been named Cubert.
Update: Cubert is now eating fish and feeling a lot better and is brighter. He has managed to put on 0.5 kilos but will need to put on another 5 kilos before being moved to the nursery pool.
Convalescent Pool
The convalescent pool is looking a little empty, now some of the rescued pups have now gone. Now the bigger pups have gone, the others can start putting on weight and will hopefully be ready for release after Easter.

Nursery Pool 2
Monopoly has a little a bit of a swallow face and is receiving antibiotics.

Common Seal Pool
The animal care team having been keeping the seals on the flipper as they keep changing the direction they feed the grey seal pups.
Release of Nessa, Fenna, Scrabble, Digory, Pasco and Jenga
Wednesday morning (27th February 2008) we loaded up the trailer with six seals and headed down to Gwithian to release Nessa, Fenna, Scrabble, Digory, Pasco and Jenga back into the wild. There was lots of excitement as we made the journey to the beach, with all the seals trying to get the best view of the countryside in the trailer.
Claire and Dan helping a seal pup towards the sea - Photo was taken by Simon BoneOn the beach the ramp was let down and Nessa was first out followed by Fenna, Scrabble and Jenga. Pasco and Digory were a little reluctant to do so and refused to get out the trailer. Digory with a little encouragement followed the others and Pasco preferred to hang back and do it himself. In the end we had to use a little encouragement with the herd boards, and final got his flippers wet. Six down and another twenty to go.Seals being released back into the wild with Rachael and Claire in the background - Photo was taken by Simon Bone
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