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Issue 37
29th January 2010
Pup Update
As there is no change with the residents, all are feeding well, but with the pups there have been a few moves.

In the hospital, isolation is now free and Lavender (photo below left) has been moved through into hospital pen number 1, she is eating fish for herself, is still a little bit snuffly and very wriggly when we are trying to treat her.

Tonks (photo below middle) has also been moved through to the main hospital, but is still receiving eye drops and antibiotics for her breathing and snotty nose, but overall she is looking a lot brighter then when we first brought her in.

Hermione (photo below right) , after last weeks piece of good news that Hermione was eating fish, this week she has changed her mind and has started to rip them up again, and not really eating them. The Animal Care Team have now had to go back to assist feeding her again, but only during the mornings, hopefully she will change her mind again and will soon be back to eating for herself.
Pup Pool: All pups are doing well and coming through the pox slowly.

For anyone who is unsure of what Seal Pox is, it is a like Chicken Pox but just called seal pox.

Most are over the worst, but these pups are feeding very well, and a few are more then ready for release we are just waiting for the
all clear from the vet.

Weighs are as follows:-

Dobby - 60 kilos
Buckbeak - 47 kilos
Luna - 34 kilos
Molly - 37 kilos
Dolores - 31 kilos
Hufflepuff - 37 kilos
Ginny - 34 kilos
Rebeus - 42 kilos
Pigwidgeon - 36 kilos
Stinkweed - 49 kilos
Nursery Pool 1: All are doing well, Angelina is now off treatment and putting on weight fast, Ronnie also doing well and they have now been joined by Mrs Norris and Lilly.

Nursery Pool 2: Ollivander is on his own as he has got the seal pox.

Nursery Pool 3 and 4: Still being occupied by Marlin, who is in the naughty pool, but doing well and being a good boy with his
target training.

Convalescent Pool: Fawkes, Winky, Triffid, Scarlett, Snowdrop, Severus and Peeves have now been joined by Pomona and SMRU, all are having great fun in the big pool and love to play with our visitors in the
underwater viewing.
Lavender, Tonks and Hermione
All the rescued pups are still available for adoption.

Pup adoptions start from 25,
click on this link for more information
or email the adoption coordinator at:-
Seal Pup
It can cost up to 1000+ to rescue rehabilitate and release a grey seal pup. Help Us to Help Them.
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