Update 28th September 2007

Magnus and the rest of the seals in the convalescent pool had their pool cleaned with a pressure jet. Magnus has been sleeping quite deeply this week and even a raised voice could not wake him up, the Animal Care Team in the end had to result to tickling his back flippers. With the breeding season just around the corner, Magnus is getting as much rest as possible.

Fatima is still winding up Snoopy but can be seen keeping a close eye on her boyfriend Magnus, for when he has his energy peak.


Lizzie has been quiet this week but made pool cleaning difficult by lying on the pressure washer cable.

Anneka was suffering from a bit of a squinty eye last week, but with a course of treatment, her eye is now fine.

Sheba is also keeping a close eye on Magnus, and for the umpteenth time is trying her luck with him, but just like every other year, Magnus has no interest in any seal apart from Fatima.

Atlanta has been helping out Lizzie this week, by also lying on the pressure cable.

Snoopy was most put out at the end of the week, when we had to do some repair work to nursery pool 2, which meant kicking her out. Snoopy took no notice of the Animal Care Team, and certainly was not going to move, so the Animal Care Team had to bring in reinforcements...in the shape of Ray. Ray was straight into nursery pool 2, he did the usual scary bit and out shot Snoopy moaning at the top of her lungs.


Ray and Marlin have been spending lots of time together, and have even been seen swimming round the pool holding flippers.

Flotsam and Jetsam are packing their little suitcases for their trip, Flotsam is more organised and is already packed. Jetsam, on the other hand, is a little dis-organised and has yet to start packing. Sahara is packing for his release which should be happening in the near future.

Flipper tried to do his training with the rubber ring around his middle, which of course gave him a few problems trying to get out of the pool, he soon realised he would have to leave the ring behind. Yulelog has been doing very well during his training, but got scared earlier this week when a dog barked.

After the terrible training last week, Rocky is now doing really well, and has been given extra fish and ice blocks as a reward.

Mika found a pebble in the bottom of the pool and has been having great fun playing with it. Chaff has been getting a little braver and has been chasing Rocky through the glass.

Mika and Chaff look behind you...

The pool was pressure jet washed this week, and Carus spent the whole time guarding the haul out area. Boadi has also been spending time sleeping on the haul out area. Carus is still continuing to swear but not as much as last week.

Thai and Bamboo have started training to go into the cage, this will make it easier for us to weigh them.

The goats have had lots of walks during this week, and are now on a strict diet, with lots of exercise. During the walks, Monty and Churchill like to head butt the trees, and Priscilla and Elvis normally eat the brambles on their walks, luckily there are no calories in brambles.

Ponies - We are now 14 days without a breakout. The ponies are really enjoying the rain and mud, Bracken rolled in the mud on just one side, he looked like something from Phantom of the Opera.

Reef is now off treatment and is doing a lot of running around and hunting.

The pupping seasons has started, and these three healthy pups were observed, from a distance, by members of the National Seal Sanctuary, BDMLR, and the Cornish Seal Group in a cove along the north Cornish Coast on Friday 28th of September 2007. The middle photo shows a 4 day old pup suckling from it's mum. Just click on the photo below of your choice to see a larger version.

A pup within a secluded cove along north Cornish 
CoastA pup with mum in a secluded cove along north Cornish 
Coast A pup within a secluded cove along north Cornish 
Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
or make a donation towards a pup's rehabilitation, please click here
Our leaflet is available to download from the visitor's information page.

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