Update 28th July 2006

Magnus was given a treat this week of conger eel, which he took over to the steps in the Convalescence pool. There he sat not eating it, but just guarding it so none of the other seals could eat it.

Lizzie is getting very fat, this is due to the fact she sits on the side of the pool, with her tongue hanging out. The Animal Care Team (ACT) thinks she looks so cute that they chuck her some extra fish.

Fatima is still putting her head in the buckets of fish, but has been a lot quieter this week.

Sheba has been doing lots of moaning this week.

Annekaís eyes nearly popped out her head this week when the ACT brought in the conger eel, this Anneka gobbled up with out a second look.

Snoopy as well as Atlanta and Ray had their claws trimmed this week, Snoopy will also start some target training this week.

Ray was joined by Anneka this week, when Abi cleaned the pool. Abi then decided to run up and down the side of the pool dragging the broom in the water. Both really enjoyed chasing after it so much so, they started doing shark impressions.

Marlin has been flirting with Sheba this week, Sheba, who is totally uninterested in Marlin, just moaned at him to go away.

PUPS: With only two more pups left to go, Fawn is already up to weight with Bogart still a bit more to put on.

Portuguese Arrival: This week also saw the arrival of a Portuguese seal by the name of Darwin. Darwin had got lost on his travels and ended up in Portugal malnourished and tired. Zoomarine has been looking after Darwin for the last few months, and he has now been brought back to Cornwall for the last of his rehabilitation, before being released back to the wild.

Flotsam is growing some new hair on his back and the team are really proud of him. Jetsam is really getting into the events being held at the Sanctuary throughout the summer, and has an algal eye patch.

Yulelog and Flipper are both still putting on weight and training is going well, both enjoing the sunshine. They were also given a treat this week of conger eel, which pleased them both.

Now that the breeding season has started, Rocky is doing a lot of barking. Pepper is also feeling a little better this week and we think this is due to the sunshine warming her old bones. Rocky was given an ice block this week, which he threw around the pool, and Pepper was treated with a feedball.

Carus was also treated to ice blocks, and his favourite conger eel.

Chaff was given some squid this week, which he hates, but luckily Mika was on hand to hoover it up, together with some conger eel. Unfortunately Mika spends more time getting the visitors wet, then she does eating it.

Bamboo and Thai have both been given some crickets and mill worms this week. Bamboo has taken to carrying around in his mouth conifer branches which are three times the size of him just before feeding time, the visitors find this very amusing.

Our Ponies: After the release on Tuesday (25th July 2006) of Ginger and Stoggs, we came back on site to find the ponies looking very shifty in their field. We should have been worried, as the next day we came in to find that Tuppance had finally got the fence down and was in with the goats.

All the goats were a little shocked and put out this week by their greedy intruder.

Reef has got a little braver this week and will now run pass the ACT to get his food.

HAT TAGGED SEALS: Yellow hat tag number 42, Brant, which we released last year and spent the summer in St Ives, was this week spotted back in St Ives. Humbug was also spotted over on the Isles of Scilly. Pacific was spotted along the Cornish coast by Karl Wheston and Simon Bone on Monday (24th of July 2006).

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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