Update 28th January 2005

As all the resident Grey seals are about to begin their annual moult, the animal care team are adding extra fish to their daily meals to make sure they have lots of reserves during this busy time! The convalescent pool bunch, however, are never satisfied and are always looking for more. But Magnus always appreciates a few more fish and at feed time happily sits in the middle of the action, just waiting for the fish to land right in front of his nose!

Snoopy is being monitored closely at the moment as her cough is slowly getting better.

Flotsam and Jetsam have had lots of environmental enrichment this week. They have been learning how to get fish out of a feed ball which has proven quite tricky, they have not yet learnt Flipper’s trick of sucking the ball until the fish come out!

This week the animal care team have introduced wooden pallets into Flipper and Logs’ training programme. The seals are asked to jump on to the pallet during training sessions which prepares them for being weighed whilst positioned on their pallets. Both seals are doing well and when Flipper is very keen, he will sit waiting for the Animal Care Team on his pallet!

Rocky and Pepper have been enjoying conger eel treats this week and once again Pepper seems determined to hide the eels and keep them for herself!

Carus and Dipsy have been enjoying the spell of sunshine this week and at the end of the day, they have been seen curled up sunbathing on their haul-out.

Thai and Bamboo have also been enjoying the sun and have been reluctant to get their feet wet. Because of this, they have had lots of energy to burn off and as a result Thai in particular has been up to no good. She has had her mischievous face on and has been trying to bite everything that moves! They have also had fishy ice block treats this week, which went down very well.

As the days are getting longer, Bracken and Tuppence are becoming more reluctant to come in off their paddock at the end of the day. Churchill, Monty, Elvis and Priscilla have all been spotted sunbathing on their seats and watching the world go by.


Arrow, Trent, Taff, Wriggle and Alpha have all been weighed this week and are approaching their release weight. We hope to release these five pups next week, weather permitting!

Cale, Severn, Keekle and Frome have all been moved into a nursery pool and had their hat tags put on. We are awaiting final blood results and then their release can also be scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

The animal care team hope that now the larger pups have been taken out of the convalescent pool, the smaller pups left in the pool (Ribble, Red, Eden, Camel, Esk, Lew and Dart) will be able to start putting on weight.

Since being moved out of the hospital, Dee and Hope are doing well in their nursery pool with Kenn and Claw. All are feeding well and putting on weight.

Dagger was rescued on 22 November 2004 from Woolacombe Bay in Devon and taken to RSPCA West Hatch. She had a nasty eye ulcer which was causing her discomfort and giving her a squint. She was given a course of antibiotics and pain relief as well as antibiotic eye drops which help to clear the infection. Dagger was transferred to Gweek on 5 January 2005 to continue her rehabilitation.

Pool partners - Breezie, Dagger, Smokey and Ermine are also doing well. Dagger is still the larger of the seals and now at release weight. With two more healthy 50kg seals due from West Hatch this week, the Animal Care Team are planning their release for as soon as possible.

Teign’s ear infection has required a change in treatment which is being applied three times a day. All her wounds are now healed and it is hoped that with the change, she will be well on her way to recovery.

Now sharing a pool with Bubbles, Clyde still is not feeding himself. His eye ulcer has now completely healed and their pool is now being filled with salt water to allow their pox lesions to heal and hopefully stimulate Clyde’s appetite.

Don has now been moved into the main hospital. He is feeding himself well but his nail bed infection is persistent. The vet recommended a change in antibiotic which hopefully will now take effect and clear up the infection.

Brant was rescued on 21 January 2005 from Porthgwarra. He was approximately 8-10 weeks old and weighed 17kg. He was suffering from a respiratory infection, and eye ulcer, and had received a few nasty bite wounds. Brant was obviously exhausted as he slept a lot for a first few days but after some fluids and fish, he is now much more active and learning to feed himself. His wounds are healing well.

Clifford for rescued from Porthchapel, Near the Minnack Theatre on 22 January 2005. He was approximately 12 weeks old but weighed just 18.5kg. He too had a respiratory infection, sand scratches to the surfaces of both eyes, with numerous deep bite wounds to his flippers and nose and appeared very lethargic. He has been given antibiotics, pain relief and eye drops and is making a steady recovery.

Lune was rescued from Gwithian on 23 January 2005 with the help of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). He had been spotted hauled out on the high tide mark the previous day but unfortunately had gone back into the water before anyone could take a look at him. When the Animal Care Team received a further call about him, they called for the help of local BDMLR volunteers to keep an eye on him before they could get to Gwithian to examine him. When the Animal Care Team arrived, Lune looked exhausted and was obviously extremely dehydrated and required a little TLC back at the hospital. After just a few days of fluid therapy, fish, treatment and being wormed, Lune is a different seal! He is now bright and active and feeding well. It is hoped that Lune will soon be putting on weight and be able to go down to the pools.

Wiske was rescued from Porthtowan on the 26 January 2005. This pup was malnourished and exhausted; he is about 8 – 10 weeks old and weighs 16 kg. This pup is very thin and also very quiet in the hospital. The hospital is now full again.

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