Update 27th August 2004
Magnus has been feeding well since the pups left.

Sheba has a scratch on her eye and is on antibiotics.

Fatima, Atlanta, Anneka are feeding well and are all in good body condition.

Marlin is not losing his hair, so the HRT must be working, and he is enjoying playing with the hose.

Poor Ray is still missing Marlin, and has nipped Frodo on back the flippers.

Yulelogs has lost weight since being in the round pool, but with autumn approaching the Animal Care Team know he will start putting on weight again. Flipper is fine and enjoying himself.

After growing their hair back, Flotsam and Jetsam have started moulting and gone off their food, so the kids’ feeds for the seal festival have now been moved to the convalescence pool and the boy’s pool.

Flotsam is coming out the pool now and sitting on the side unfortunately none of the visitors have seen this as it always happens when we have closed.

Rocky and pepper are on/off their food due to the breeding season.

Carus and Dips are both very hungry sea lions at the moment.

Thai and Bamboo have now both been weighed and are a good weight. With lots of volunteers on site at the moment, the otters are enjoying regular helping of crabs that have been dug up by the volunteers. The Animal Care Team have made some hammocks out of old baskets from the café which hang outside the Holt. Hopefully we will be re-themeing the otter enclosure sometime in September.

Tuppance has got laminitis in her hooves and is not allowed apples or carrots and is in the short grass paddock as well as regular walks around the sanctuary.

Goats and Bracken are enjoying walks also around the site.

Thomas, our cat, is on pain relief for his arthritics.

Last Saturday we held a bat evening which was very successful.

Rachel, a member of our entertainment team, is telling kids the story of a poorly seal pup, which the children love.

The Sanctuary is doing a beach clean on the 19th September 2004 at 11am at Gwithian, this is with the MCS, and there part of their annual beach clean.

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