Update 27th July 2007

Magnus has been sleeping lots this week but is still waking up for feeding time, and being joined by Fatima. After feeding, he likes to have a scratch and a splashing, and then makes his way to the end of the convalescent pool by the haul-out area to have a sleep.

Lizzie is being harassed by Marlin who keeps chasing her around the pool, and up and down the steps.

Fatima can be found after feeding time sleeping very close to Snoopy, which then sends Snoopy off in a trail of moaning.

Anneka and Ray have been practicing their synchronised swimming in the middle of the pool.

Sheba was very interested in the film crew we had in this week and would not take her eyes off them, in case she missed out on something.

Snoopy had a huge shock on Thursday when Boss got hat tagged and darted out the cave towards her; a large moan filled the air.

Marlin is having his funny five minutes during pool cleaning and likes to go and chase all the residents especially Lizzie.

Attie has been training to be a member of the Animal Care Team, as she was being taught how to clean the pool. She is surprisingly good at it for a seal, as she holds the brush between her flippers and pushes the broom with her nose.

Flotsam has gone off his food but is still doing lots of moaning. Jetsam is taking advantage of this and eating all the extra fish. Sahara is still a little on the slow side, but faster then when he first arrived at the sanctuary a few months ago.

Flipper's eye has benefited from the change in medication that he is not squinting as much. Yulelog has been having some training this week with the target stick, as when normally when we try to do this he likes to run off with the target stick back to the water.

Rocky was treated to a large piece of conger eel, which of instead of his normal trashing around the pool, he swallowed it whole.

Carus and Boadi - It was pool cleaning time again, and when the pool was half filled, visitors enjoyed the feeding time as the Animal Care Team were throwing the fish next to the windows and Carus was swimming after them.

Chaff is doing lots of mooing in the afternoon. Mika on the other hand was having great fun with her training mat which seemed to have mysteriously floated in to her pool.

Thai must have been very hungry this week, as she keeps trying to eat the staff. Bamboo on the other hand got a little confused at target training and could not decide if he wanted to do the training with the target stick or go hunting for food. In the end he decided to do both, as he went off and hunted for his food (a nice piece of fresh beef) which he found and suck under his arm and headed back to touch his little nose on the target stick.

Goats - Not much from these guys this week, but just to say they are unimpressed with the liquid sunshine.

Ponies: Number of days with out the ponies 14 days. All have been very good this week and were treated to apples and carrots.

Reef, our cat, has been hanging around the hospital hoping for extra fish. And been keeping the Animal Care Team company when they have had to stay after hours.


Convalescence Pool:
Boss and Eve will be leaving next week, we have decide to hat tag these two Boss is hat tag K1 and Eve is…we have yet to hat tag her as she broke out the cave where we were trying to keep her dry.

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