Sanctuary's Latest News Update 27th June 2008

Magnus is very hungry at the moment, and has still not yet fully moulted. He is also getting very annoyed with the sea gulls. Fatima is very hungry and has gone back to her old trick of jumping out of the pool and surprising the Animal Care Team during feeding. Sheba is another one who is very hungry and but has also taking to sitting near Snoopy in the day time. Lizzie is sad this week as we now have less pups in the convalescent pool. Anneka (right) is still receiving treatment for her squint and we still have to put her treatment in separate fish. Anneka being fed with her special fish
Ray on top step of convalescent pool Snoopy has been very rude this week and likes to moan all the way through the 11am talk given by the Animal Care Team, she is also being a fuzzy eater, and out of the six or seven fish we throw to her, she may eat one or two, and will then refuse to give the other fish to the seals. Ray (left) at the moment is King of the top step and refuses to move for any one. Marlin is doing lots of swimming on his back and is being very good during pool cleaning. Atlanta, we think, has started to lose her coat, this is due to her under active thyroid. She is also missing her raft, so when all the other pups have been released, she can have her raft again.
Luna is still very pregnant and we are all hoping it will be soon. Sija (right) is excited at the impending new arrival and is already to play midwife.

Flipper is doing well with the cage training and we have managed to get him all the way in to the cage and close the door. Yulelogs needs a little more work but we are pleased with the progress he is making.
RockyAfter not having a big enough pallet to weigh Rocky (left) this week, we were in luck as ASDA at Penryn came to the rescue with a big pallet and we successfully weighed Rocky, he was 205 kilos, he will take a few more months for him to be back to his original weight. Boadi has also come on leaps and bounds with her training this week, we threw a fish in the cage which she went in after and then we got her to target the stick which she did. The next stage is to see if we can close the door behind her.
Chaff is also doing well with training and we are still slowly getting further into the enclosure, hopefully this means we can do feeds every time inside with Chaff.

Sahara (right) has still got a lovely new coat and training is going well. He is gaining more confidence as the other day he was lying out on the haul out sunny himself and not concerned with the visitors watching him.
Churchill Thai and Bamboo have been up to a little changing rooms this week when they decided to move the rocks that make up their sun bed around so they were more comfortable to lie on.

Goats and Stanley are all doing well. All the goats getting on well with Stanley; Stanley has been enjoying more visitors so more attention. Photo right of Churchill. Ponies are happy in their field munching the grass and also if things get a little warm, it was back to the stable to cool off before returning to the grass.
Nursery Pool 2 - April and Sinbad (right) are doing ok and getting on well but April is still not happy feeding for herself so we are continuing to force feed her for the time being.

Convalescent Pool - We managed to release another four this week leaving us with four seal pups in the Convalescent Pool, over the next few week these guys should put on weight and we can release them back in the wild.
All head outEarlier this week, Imogen, Torin, Hannibal and Davy were released back into the wild on Wednesday morning at Church Cove.

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A little rough
Photo of Jenifer is copyright of Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal GroupJenifer who was released last week at Porthtowan, has been spotted this week at our local seal colony just down the coast. She is looking well and does not seem to be bothered by the other large seals on the beach, she had to go past to get to a good spot. Photo of Jenifer is copyright of Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group
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