Update 27th April 2007

On Wednesday morning (25th of April 2007), it was time for Boadicea and Carus to meet, so Carus was detracted with some fish, while Animal Care Team undid the gate to let Boadicea in. The gate was removed and she went straight into the pool, this then got the attention of Carus who headed straight for the water to see what was happening. Carus jumped into the water, and was met by another sea lion. The Animal Care Team was still throwing Carus fish in the pool, which Carus dived after, but was met by a quicker sea lion. Carus unimpressed with this went and sulked in the corner for ten minutes, before giving Boadi a second chance at being a friend. Luckily things went a lot better this time, and there was lots of playing and kissing in the water.

Boadicea and Carus together

Boadicea is settling in very well, and is feeding very well enjoying the sprats, mackerel and herring. Carus is still concerned that she is receiving more fish then him, and so will keep a close eye on her.

Magnus is doing lots of sleeping at the moment but is choosing a different spot to sleep everyday.

Fatima is spending lots of time, especially in the afternoon and evening in the caves, and she id also being less nosey.

Lizzie is lovely and being treated to hand feeding, and is sticking her tongue out at the visitors. Tiger Lilly is copying her, and also sticking her tongue out.

Sheba is being fed on the side of the pool and is enjoying some alone time away from Ray and Marlin.

Anneka is spending lots of time chasing the heron around the pool.

Snoopy is chilling out this week and has not moaned at all this week. She also seems to be unconcerned that there is no nursery pool to escape in to.

Ray is still being a pain during cleaning time, and is making even more holes in the hose pipe, lying on it and wrapping himself up in it like a blanket.

Marlin is still responding to ever name that is called in the hope of having extra fish.

Attie is very popular with the pups this week, and on Friday morning during pool cleaning, was surrounded by all the pups.

Flotsam and Jetsam are happy to be back in their old pool, very hungry, lots of chasing the Animal Care Team up and down the pool, lots of playing and splashing in the pool, but ignoring poor Sahara. Sahara may possible be growing hair, which the Animal Care Team are keeping a very close eye on to see if it's true. It would explain why he is off fish at the moment.

Flipper seems to be having a problem with his right eye, as it has gone cloudy. He is not squinting, but may have affected his vision in that eye. The vet will be coming to do an assessment on flipper next week. Yulelog is very hungry and has been chasing the sea gulls around his enclosure - making a good scarecrow.

Rocky has been moved back to the nursery pool, while we do some odd jobs, and replace some old fencing with new Perspex.

Mika is a little under the weather, at the moment, but they are spending less time together and getting more interested in the fish. Chaff is doing well with his training.

Thai and Bamboo both have been treated to their peanut cube, and both had a wild party the other night with the hay which ended up all over the bed. They are enjoying being fed by the volunteer, as they have different hiding places for the otter food, so more hunting is bring done in the afternoon.

Our Goats are all doing well including Elvis who is back to his normal self.

Ponies: HE IS BACK…..Steve McQueen reared his ugly head again this week, as Bracken escaped from the paddock into the new green grass field.

Reef, our cat, has not been seen this week by the Animal Care Team or the site team, we are sure he is off exploring and having a great adventure, and will turn up when he is ready.


Coral, in hospital pen number 4, is doing well and has put on half a kilo this week; she is very hungry and has now been flipper tagged number 43.

Olive is back in the hospital, pen number 3, after suddenly losing a lot of weight, we are unsure what is causing this as blood results have come back clear, so the Animal Care Team will worm her to rule out this problem.

Convalescence Pool
All the seal pups are big and fat, and so we should be able to do some releases next week.

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